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The secrets behind the salmon…

An ancient myth suggested that eating salmon could give you the wisdom of the world.  Today, eating salmon remains a wise choice, not just because it’s delicious, but healthy too.  Every day, more and more research highlights the health benefits of eating salmon at least twice a week.  Salmon has now become known as a superfood.  And to those in the know, a Huon Atlantic salmon from Tasmania is the best of the best.  But how does Huon raise some of the finest salmon in the world? Why is salmon good for you? What are some of the different ways to cook salmon? Visit the links in our Salmon School section to find out more.

Check out some interesting visual Huon salmon facts by clicking here.


Instructions & tips on how to select, fillet, store and cook fresh HUON salmon.


The health facts on why salmon is so good for you and considered a superfood.


Salmon and the aquaculture industry and processes that raise them.

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