Aquaculture(1), is the practice of farming aquatic organisms like salmon in fresh, brackish [mixture of fresh & salt water] or salt water. Aquaculture is considered an agricultural activity, despite the many differences between aquaculture and terrestrial [land based] agriculture. Aquaculture was first developed more than 2,000 years ago in countries such as China and Egypt, and commonly involved stocking wild-caught seed—for example, carp fingerlings (juvenile fish) captured from rivers—in ponds or other bodies of water for further growth. Whilst the industry has evolved to a high level of sophistication thanks to extensive research and development, one thing remains the same: Most aquacultural crops are developed to augment natural populations of fish and be a primary source of food destined for human consumption.

A wide variety of aquatic organisms are produced through aquaculture, including fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, algae, and aquatic plants. Unlike capture fisheries, aquaculture requires deliberate human intervention in the organisms’ productivity and results in yields that exceed those from the natural environment alone. Stocking water with seed (juvenile organisms), fertilizing the water, feeding the organisms, and maintaining water quality are common examples of such intervention.

The Huon Aquaculture Group [HUON] produce the world’s most exquisite Atlantic salmon. Which is little wonder given its sublime Tasmanian location.

Based at the southern tip of Tasmania, where the mighty Huon River meets the Great Southern Ocean, HUON Premium Tasmanian salmon are reared and nurtured by some of the finest, and most innovative practitioners globally. Unique climatic conditions so prevalent in this wilderness, provide for a near perfect life. The water is clean, pristine and unspoilt. It is quite literally a paradise.

Whilst the conditions are heaven sent, the staff at HUON are also blessed, with passion, knowledge, flair, and a dedication to each other rare in this day and age. This style is practiced from the top down, of this vertically integrated company. The result? Salmon with rewarding texture, luscious colour, and succulent flavour.

HUON converts its catch into fresh fillets & portions, hot and cold smoked portions and slices, caviar, and gourmet dips to name a few. Not only are its’ fish, in all forms, supplied to world renowned chefs and restaurants, they are also available to you from selected fishmongers or supermarkets.

In this section you see why choosing Huon Tasmanian Salmon makes a wise choice.

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