Our pens

With the full roll-out of a completely new pen design set to be completed in 2015, we are singing the praises of our world first, revolutionary new fish pens. Our pens have been designed, tested and produced by our employees, and importantly they’ve also been built locally.

A central element of our revolutionary fish pens is the netting design which will keep out both seals and bird life. This not only reduces stress for our fish but also ensures that animals are kept safe by denying them access to enter the pens.

In addition, all pens include flat, enclosed walkways which have already reduced the occurrence of slips, trips and falls by 90 per cent across the farm (where new pens are in operation).

Huon will use the new pen design in two standard pen sizes – a 168m circumference pen and a new 240m circumference pen. Our new pen sizes mean that fewer are required and the stocking density of our salmon will be greatly reduced, resulting in healthier and better quality salmon.

The new pen design is already attracting international interest and it recently won a WorkSafe Tasmania Award for the occupational health and safety outcomes it is helping us to achieve.