Frances Bender

Ask Frances Bender what’s so special about Tasmania and the Huon region and watch an afternoon quickly disappear. A fierce brand champion not just for Huon, a business she has grown and cultivated alongside husband Peter, but also for Tasmania as a State, she won’t take no for an answer.

Having grown up in the Huon region farming has always been in her blood. It is this heritage and respect for produce and the people that are behind it that she has engrained in the Huon company culture.

Amidst building the company, a brand and an international reputation, she’s also raised a family and won countless awards along the way.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the family owned business but the fact that there are many lifers (employees that have stuck with the company for over 10-15 years) is testament to the way the company has treated those that come to work for them; like family.

It’s not hard for Frances to walk in to work and speak to every single employee about their job because she has literally had to play all those various roles (receptionist, accountant, fish feeder to name a few) throughout the company’s growth.

With a low tolerance for time wasting and a passion for quality she is everything the Huon brand strives to be; honest, real and Tasmanian to the core.