The Kids

James Bender

The oldest of the Bender clan, James has worked in the business since he could walk. Sharing a love of all things motorbike with his dad, James helps bring to life the future farming vision of Huon including working on special projects. It is his inquisitive nature that has seen him partly charged with helping to turn Peter’s farming vision into reality.

Paul Bender

Farming fish couldn’t be further from Paul’s mind. In fact, Frances and Peter joke that soon they will be known as the parents of Paul rather than him being referred to as the middle son of the Benders! This is due to his exceptional musical ability and the growing fame of his band, two time Grammy nominated Hiatus Kaiyote. Recently nominated for a Grammy in the Rhythm and Blues award category and boasting admirers of the likes of Pharrell Williams and Erykah Badu it seems the likelihood of Paul coming back to farm fish is slim to none.

Laura and Boz Shield

Currently studying a Masters of Teaching, Laura is the youngest in the family. Regarded in the community as possessing the same passion for Tasmania as her mother, Laura also works in community relations for Huon. In addition to balancing these commitments she also teaches dance to kids aged 8-18 at Rhythmic Dance Centre in Huonville.

Boz took the brave step of dating the boss's daughter in 2009 and the couple recently married. He is currently the Bath Manager at Huon Aquaculture, responsible for overseeing treatment of amoebic gill disease. The pair love spending time at home with their dogs Ted and Betty, their chooks and Highland cows.