Our Hatcheries

Our Hatcheries


The hatchery is where is all begins for our fish and, at Huon Aquaculture, the Lonnavale recirculation hatchery is one of the most advanced in the world. Our hatchery staff care for our salmon from the moment the eggs are hand-milked from the brood fish, through hatching, to alevins, to fry, to parr and then to smolt, when the fish are ready to go to sea. The natural process of smoltification changes the freshwater juvenile fish into mini-salmon, ready for life in our marine farms. When this happens we need to get them to sea quickly.


The hatchery allows us to mirror the natural life-cycle of salmon, as well as allowing us to naturally synchronise growth in a way that means we can get fresh, healthy fish to your plate all year round. We synchronise growth by varying the temperature of the water we hold the eggs and small fish in.

In addition to the Lonnavale recirculation hatchery, we have a number of hatchery locations around Tasmania which enable us to take advantage of different water sources and environmental conditions.


The hatchery is where our commitment to rigorous environmental standards begins. We use a full recirculation system. That means we reuse 95-99 per cent of the water we need, allowing us to ensure that the fish live in optimum conditions and will go to sea healthy and in peak condition. The small amount of water exchanged in the hatchery each day gets used in other areas of the farm through composting, land spreading and irrigation.

In addition to the recirculation hatchery, we operate a flow through facility which holds a small number of brood fish held at low density for breeding purposes. The facility is routinely monitored under the guidance of the Environmental Protection Authority and is regularly audited against strict environmental standards.

We care for our fish like we would family, with the hatchery staffed 24/7 to ensure that we keep them happy and that the environmental conditions are just right.