Salmon Nursery

We have invested over $43.7M into building Australia’s first onshore Salmon Nursery so that we can grow our salmon larger on land before putting them to sea.

By growing our salmon larger on land, we improve the efficiency of our overall production cycle by reducing the time that our salmon spend at sea from 14 months, to less than 12. This allows us to better manage our existing leases at sea, enabling longer fallow periods between stocking, all of which benefits sustainability and biosecurity.

The nursery built at Whale Point, Port Huon, uses world-leading water recirculation technology that purifies up to 98 per cent of the freshwater in which the fish are grown. This enables 98% to be reused and repeatedly treated over and over again with 2 per cent going to waste treatment.

The small amount of water leaving the nursery has the solids removed for inclusion into compost and the water has the nutrients removed, is sterilised and used on-board the Ronja Huon, Huon’s wellboat, to bathe salmon.

Not only does the recirculation technology allow us to provide the best growing conditions for the fish, but it also reduces our new water usage to a minimum, allows for zero discharge to the local environment and reuse of any waste generated through the process.

Over 200 jobs were created during the construction process, with 8 full time direct jobs now filled at the nursery. The increased production is also likely to create opportunities for 22 downstream and support service positions.

We would like to thank everyone  who worked on the project especially our fantastic principal local contractors, Fairbrothers, Billund Aquaculture Australia, BC Electrical, Gandy and Roberts their sub-contractors and everyone who travelled to Australia to work on the project.

The first fish grown in the nursery will be transferred to sea in mid-2019.


Images by Patrick Tigges of  Billund Aquaculture