Cape Connella research lease

In order to push the limits of offshore farming further, we are investigating the potential of farming 6kms off the shore of Bruny Island’s Cape Connella.

We have been granted a permit to undertake environmental monitoring at three sites in the region.

Over the next three years our intention is to monitor and research the sites to establish if there is potential for far offshore farming in the region, and what it will take in terms of technology and equipment to farm there successfully

Broadly speaking the research project will be in three phases:

  • Phase 1 includes deployment of remote monitoring systems for assessment of the physical, chemical and biological conditions;
  • Phase 2 includes deployment of prototype equipment for testing such as communications equipment and reinforced fortress pens and potentially other offshore systems;
  • and phase 3 will see one or more sites developed to pilot-scale farming using the new technology

The map below indicates monitoring points:

We will keep the community updated on the progress of this project.