Cape Connella research

In mid-2017, we were granted a scientific research permit (from State Government) to research the potential of farming off Bruny Island’s Cape Connella.

In October 2018 three environmental monitoring buoys were deployed; one off Cape Connella (location ‘A’), another at our existing Storm Bay 1 Lease and the third at our marine lease site at East of Yellow Bluff (EOYB). Having these three wave-buoys located along the eastern-shore of Bruny Island will allow us to see how the conditions change from south to north Bruny, in particular for swell size and direction.

These three buoys will collect wind speed and gust, wave height, direction and period, current flow for all depths, water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen data

We plan to keep these buoys in place for at least 12-months to identify seasonal trends and aid forecasting of wave conditions along the eastern shore of Bruny. We are sharing all data collected with the Bureau of Meteorology, which they are using to better inform their weather forecasting in general.

In consultation with a tourism operator we have identified two more potential monitoring sites directly to the east of Cape Connella. We hope to include these sites in our monitoring program so we can either rule them out, or consider them, as potential, future farming sites.

It is early days in terms of data collection, however, the results so far show an increase in wave and winds at Cape Connella, stronger current flows and at present a degree less in temperature when compared to the Storm Bay and EOYB sites. All other variables are very similar in value to those at Storm Bay and EOYB, but as it is early days in terms of collecting data, it is too early to be definitive about the results.

We will be continually analysing the data from the Cape Connella sites to assess whether the monitoring sites are suitable potential farming areas.

UPDATE 2021:  The monitoring buoys were removed in November 2020.  Our scientific research permit remains approved and active.

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