Round 10

Geeveston Community Centre
GeCo Youth Active runs a school holiday program for children aged between 8-15 that gets youth outdoors to places that they may not have been, gives them access to healthy food and engage in positive behaviour.

A grant has covered the cost of fuel, food and activities for an entire year meaning that families only need to contribute $5 per child.


Fusion Australia
Fusion Australia is a youth and community group based in Kingston, Hobart that runs a mentoring program for select students from local schools.

Through their mentoring program, students are supported, and encouraged, to learn new skills including cooking. A grant has enabled Fusion to purchase a new oven to replace their old one that cooked unevenly, and had broken hotplates.

Fusion have found that students going through the program gain confidence through having positive role models.


Huon Valley Soccer Club
A grant assisted the Club to replace their freestanding soccer goals that were recently vandalised. The new goals are movable so that they can be safely stored when not in use.

Anton Cirvydas, Club President said the new goals will give players pride, “Junior soccer players within the Huon Valley will benefit from their use to enhance their skills and enable them to show pride in their home ground when versing visiting teams.”


Port Esperance Sailing Club
The Port Esperance Sailing Club is a not-for-profit group based in the Huon Valley that provides sailing activities for the community, including sailing training.

Safety is a focus for the Club, which is why they sought a grant to replace their out-of-date lifejackets with new ones to use during sailing training.

Matt Wardell, Club Commodore said, “Sailing training facilitates participating in a healthy activity for families and individuals, and fosters appreciation of the beautiful waters of southern Tasmania.”


Margate Christian Church
Volunteers from the Margate Church have formed the Channel Odd-Jobs Team (COT) who undertake obligation-free yard-work, home maintenance and clean-ups for people within their community including pensioners, single parents and the elderly.

Matt Bain, COT leader said that the group began five years ago to provide practical assistance to those in need.

“We receive referrals from a number of community services such as the Kingborough Council Volunteer Program, Helping Hands and the Huon Valley Health Centre. We aim to provide support in a practical way without any expectations, fuss or fanfare.”

A grant has enabled the COT to purchase new gardening equipment including a pressure cleaner and safety equipment.


Rotary Club of Scottsdale
Scottsdale Rotary has developed and maintains a 28km walking and bike trail along a disused rail corridor from Scottsdale to near Legerwood, in Tasmania’s north west.

They found that many people were discouraged from using the trail due to the lack of modernized amenities, so they applied for a Helping Hand Grant to upgrade their toilets.

Jan Hughes, Membership Director said, “Proper toilet facilities will alleviate a potential health issue and this will benefit all those who use the trail.”

A grant has enabled the Club to purchase new water tanks, pipes and plumbing supplies which will be installed through working bees and by Rotary volunteers.


Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club
Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club’s purpose is to provide a safe environment for visitors to Waubs Bay and Rebill Beach, both of which have strong rip currents and are popular swimming locations with residents and tourists.

A grant has allowed the club to purchase two digital radios that will be used by their roving and patrolling lifesavers during emergency situations.


Sorell Men’s Shed and Heritage Museum
The Sorell Men’s Shed was formed in 2007, with the purpose of being a facilitating group within the community for men of all ages to meet with their peers. A goal of this group is to provide a space where men can learn from one another and develop new hobbies, pastimes and interests.

A grant has allowed the group to purchase woodworking equipment that will allow the Shed to bring a wider range of wood working projects to children in Sorell’s primary schools, which they hope will encourage the children to develop their wood working skills.


Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is a volunteer organisation that supplies affordable meals to the elderly, people with disabilities, carers and people recovering from surgery, ill health or injury.

A grant has enabled the Cygnet branch to purchase a reliable freezer which has allowed the branch to cease hiring freezers, which will save them valuable funds in the long term.


Devonport Men’s Shed
Devonport Men’s Shed recently received a generous donation of a wood lathe, and in order to use the lathe safety, the Shed needed new equipment such as a positive-flow air mask.

A grant from Huon has helped the Shed cover the costs of their new safety equipment.


Bicheno Primary School
A grant has provided Bicheno Primary School with salmon to cater their school Barn Dance. Greg Patmore, school Secretary said that as Bicheno Primary is a small school and that they rely on fundraising to cover costs of the wider school.

“Fundraising is our primary source of raising these much-needed funds. Our goal for this event is to raise $10,000.”


Geeveston Community Development Association
Geeveston Community Development Association runs the Geeveston Feast on the first Thursday of every month. The Feast is a fixture of the Huon Valley and is well attended by locals and visitors alike.

Through an in-kind grant, Huon is donating salmon to their stall for a year. This will reduce the overall running costs of the event which means that even more funds raised from the sale of salmon is directed towards supporting the Geeveston community.


Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre
A grant has provided Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre’s Chat and Choose with funds to purchase craft materials that the group used in their mid-year craft show. Mel Crosbie, program coordinator said that the group is free and anyone is welcome to attend.

“The group has been very successful in the way that it runs. It has grown from around five people per session, to over 25. We also work with children during the school holiday on projects such as scrap booking and doll making.”


Huon Valley PCYC
A grant has assisted Huon Valley PCYC to install a new power-saving system. The Huon Valley PCYC’s primary aim is to provide the Huon Valley community with a facility where people can pursue social, recreation and learning activities.

Jimmy Bell Committee Member said that the new system will not only help secure the Club’s future, but to also expand on the benefits already provided.

“Our project is designed to reduce the bills associated with our electricity consumption. Annually we are charged $25,000 for electricity and we hope to reduce this cost significantly.”


Tamar Sea Rescue Services
A grant as allowed the Tamar Sea Rescue Scouts to purchase a deliberator that will be permanently installed on one of their emergency response vessels. Matthew O’Neil, Operations Manager said that the vessel is crewed by volunteers with specialist training in search and rescue techniques and who are capable of responding to those in distress.

“Our volunteers require immediate access to emergency rescue and medical equipment. An AED on our vessel is vital in an emergency for the successful resuscitation of heart attack victims.”