Round One

Channel Men’s Shed Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the purchasing of cooking equipment and utensils for the Channel Men’s Shed. The Channel Men’s Shed in Tasmania’s South runs a cooking program that teaches men of all ages how to cook healthy food and develop their skills which they can then take out into the wider community.

“The Shed matches Huon’s ethos of encouraging healthy eating while also supporting the wider community” said Peter Shelley, President of the Channel Men’s Shed. “The grant given to us by Huon Aquaculture has allowed us to develop our cooking program further by allowing us to buy more equipment and for that we are grateful.”

Foxy Foundation

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Foxy Foundation to put together entertainment packs for children whose parents were suffering a brain injury and were in Hampstead Hospital for Rehabilitation. The Foxy Foundation is based in South Australia and works to help victims of brain injury. The foundation came to fruition based on the story of Anthony Fox, who became a stroke victim at the age of 37.

Sally Fox, Wife of Anthony Fox claimed “we thank businesses like Huon Aquaculture that give generously to a good cause.”

Franklin Fire Brigade

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted the Franklin Fire Brigade to compete in an annual fire fighting competition by providing funds for travel and accommodation.

Brad Johns, Community Awareness Officer of the Franklin Fire Brigade said “our brigade hasn’t competed in this competition for five years due to lack of funding and the grant from Huon Aquaculture has now seen us able to enter this year’s event. We are all excited and looking forward to the challenge!”

Franklin Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have given Franklin Primary School Students the opportunity to learn about native flora species by assisting with the development of a native sensory garden.

“Students, staff and volunteers are all learning about the importance of native flora species and their relationship to the broader environment,” said Paul Welling Project Coordinator at Franklin Primary School. “The native sensory garden will become a nice place for students and staff to sit and have some quiet time.”

Friends of Randall Bay Coastcare

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the construction of a permanent stone access track along Mickeys Beach in Tasmania’s South. The Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare group monitor and look after this coastal environment and aim to build a pedestrian access track to the beach.

Paul Thomas, Secretary of the Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare said “this work achieves positive outcomes for the community and visitors to the site, improving their ability to enjoy the beach, whilst also helping to protect the natural values present in the area.”

Geeveston Archives and History Society

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted the Geeveston Archives and Historical Society to purchase safety fencing to surround the Kermandie Paper and Pulp Mill in Tasmania’s South. The Mill was used between 1927 and 1930 and has since remained an old industrial site. The site has recently been cleaned and given some tender loving care by the Geeveston Archives and Historical Society with the intention of opening it to the public as an historical site.

“The safety fencing takes us one step closer to opening the Mill to allow others to see it” said Charles Rich, Treasurer of the Geeveston Archives and Historical Society.

Geeveston Bowling Club

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Geeveston Bowling Club to purchase a shade sail for the bowls club in Tasmania’s South. The shade sail will protect players from both the rain and the sun and has made a great addition to the club.

Icy Willis, Secretary of the Bowls Club claimed “we are so grateful to Huon Aquaculture for helping us with this grant and we hope this may attract more visiting players to our club.”

Geeveston Community Centre Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants gave Geeveston children the opportunity to learn to cook through the Geeveston Community Centre’s holiday program. The children learned to cook pasta from scratch and were able to take their leftovers and new skills home.

Ea Lassen, a youth worker at the Centre said that “during the course someone said ‘This is fun’ and a girl replied ‘No, this is more than fun’!” The Geeveston Community Centre are saving some of the grant for the next round of school holidays where they plan to teach children more healthy and simple recipes.

Geeveston Community Development Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the first “Wheels in the Park” car show held in Geeveston in Tasmania’s South held by the Geeveston Community Development Association. The Geeveston Community Development Association works closely with the Geeveston community in southern Tasmania to make Geeveston a nicer place to work and live. The “Wheels in the Park” was a day for car and motorbike enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles and to meet with other passionate collectors.

Lynn Smith, Secretary of the Geeveston Community Development Association, said “the day was a great success and we are really looking forward to running this family friendly day as an annual event.”

Heybridge Improvement Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the restoration of the Heybridge Community Hall in Tasmania’s North. The Heybridge Community Hall hosts many local community groups but was in need of a makeover and some tender loving care.

Dale Clarke, a member of the Heybridge Community Hall, said that “the hall hasn’t looked this good for many years. The members are all pleased with the grant we received and since being repainted, love the character of the hall being a bit old but clean and tidy.” Dale also mentioned that the new table tops on the outside picnic tables, which were also made possible by Huon’s Helping Hand grants, “have been used by many tourists as they pass through the area.”

Huon Valley PCYC

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted in the development of a website for the Huon Valley PCYC. The PCYC provides assistance to youth in the Huon Valley and with the construction and commissioning of its website, aims to place itself in the twenty-first century while reaching out to a greater audience.

Jimmy Bell, Manager of the Huon Valley PCYC said “the website will provide the Huon Valley community with relevant and up to date information about our facilities, activities and most importantly, the community services we provide.”

Huon Producer’s Network

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted with the development and restoration of a mobile pop up shop for the Huon Producers Network. The Huon Producers Network bought an old caravan and is restoring it to drive around the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania to provide access to fresh and preserved local produce at markets and roadside stalls.

Anja Voss, Public Officer and Secretary of the Producers Network said “the grant from Huon Aquaculture has been very helpful as it has allowed our project to come into fruition.”

Huon Valley State Emergency Service

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted the Huon Valley State Emergency Service with purchasing a stabfast for one of the service vehicles. The ‘stabfast’ is a vehicle stabilisation device used when performing rescues on vehicles that have rolled or are on an incline.

Naomi Cassidy, Unit Manager of the Huon Valley State Emergency Services said “the stabfast is an important piece of equipment for emergency services so it is great that we have been able to purchase one of these devices.”

Port Esperance Coast Care Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted Port Esperance Coast Care to purchase equipment and scientific instruments that monitor the environment at Roaring Beach Lagoon. Port Esperance Coast Care carry out monthly monitoring of the quality of the lagoon and to continue this project, some of the testing equipment needed to be either replaced or repaired.

“We aim for this project to be ongoing, so the grant from Huon Aquaculture has helped us to continue monitoring the environment” said Cath de Little, Coordinator of the Roaring Beach Monitoring Group.

Sacred Heart Catholic School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the development of vegetable gardens at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Tasmania’s South. This project has helped to promote good nutrition and life skills through growing a range of fruit and vegetables.

Luch Brighella, Principal of Sacred Heart, said “we are grateful that Huon Aquaculture was able to help us with our vegetable garden project as it allows the students to understand and appreciate how food is produced and where it comes from.”

Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association (STAA) to purchase portable stands for wood chopping allowing them to take the sport to the public.

Ian Scott, President of the STAA said that “thanks to Huon Aquaculture, we have been able to enter more competitions as it is easier for us to travel and we are able to access areas in the community where there are no permanent structures.”

Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the Strahan Christmas Family Fun Night held in Strahan in Northern Tasmania. The Christmas Family Night is held every year and relies on financial support for entertainment for children and to this end Huon Aquaculture put funds towards a jumping castle for the event.

Mel McDermott, President of the Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee said “the 2013 annual Christmas Family Night saw one of the largest community gatherings for several years, it is one of a few events that the locals come together to enjoy. The Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee would like to thank Huon Aquaculture for its generous support towards our 2013 annual Christmas Family Night.”

Strahan Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants gave Strahan Primary School children in Kindergarten and Prep the opportunity to explore and learn outside in all weather conditions by funding outdoor gear such as coveralls and gumboots.

“The rugged West Coast of Tasmania in which our school is situated often gets wild and windy weather conditions so sometimes our students aren’t able to explore outside but thanks to the Helping Hand grants, they can”  said Courtney Howard, Principal of Strahan Primary School.

Tasmanian Forest Memorial Management Committee

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have assisted the families of Tasmanian forest workers who have died subsidised the cost of plaques for deceased Tasmanian forest workers whose families could not afford to purchase them. The plaques were unveiled at the Annual Memorial Commemoration and Dedication day on 22nd March 2014.

Peter Pepper, Secretary and Treasurer of the Tasmanian Forest Memorial recognised that “those families, who have lost loved ones whilst working in the industry, know that they can commemorate the memory of those loved ones at the Tasmanian Forest Memorial in Tasmania’s Forest Town at Heritage Park in Geeveston.”

Workskil Australia

Huon’s Helping Hand grants have enabled the development of a community vegetable garden to educate highly disadvantaged people on how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Workskil Australia operates a food preparation and cooking program in Mount Barker and wanted to develop this program further by allowing participants to set up a vegetable garden to learn to grow their own produce.

“All produce grown is utilised in the kitchen which will help to keep running costs down and enable us to continue with our existing projects as there has shown to be a great need for this service in the Mount Barker community” said Jeff Keyl, National Strategy Manager of Workskil Australia.