Round Two

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Australian Breastfeeding Association with the purchase of breastfeeding resources, such as pamphlets to distribute to isolated areas including the Huon and Southern Tasmanian region. The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is an organisation of people interested in the promotion and protection of breastfeeding.

Del Walsh, grants coordinator of the Australian Breastfeeding Association said “we aim to encourage breastfeeding Australia-wide and this includes assisting women in more isolated areas. With this grant we are able to provide more resources which will be distributed to mothers through the Child Health and Parenting Centres in these areas.”

Cygnet Football Club

Huon’s Helping Hand grants enabled the Cygnet Football Club to purchase goal post padding for their eight goal posts at their home ground, bringing the club to AFL safety standards. The Cygnet Football Club is an institution in the small town of Cygnet and the addition of the goal post padding aims to make the game safer and encourages more players to work their way up the ranks.

Matt Brereton, Board Member of the Cygnet Football Club said “the addition of the goal post padding allows us to build our club by making the game  safer, encouraging more players, particularly younger players, to join. It is hard to raise funds to update and maintain facilitates at sporting grounds so our club is very grateful to Huon’s Helping Hand.”

Dover District High School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the development of a vegetable garden at Dover District High School in southern Tasmania. The vegetable garden will be built and maintained by students at the school, but the produce will be sold to members of the small seaside fishing town. The grant has also assisted in the purchase of a rotary hoe and equipment to install an irrigation system for the garden.

Tracey Cameron, Principal of Dover District High said “our school was fortunate to receive this grant which will go toward developing our community garden and orchard. Our students are already so proud of the produce they’ve grown, and this grant will further support that pride.”

Geeveston Community Development Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants enabled the Geeveston Community Development Association to purchase a barbeque which they will use for fundraising at community events. The Geeveston Community Development Association works closely with the Geeveston community in southern Tasmania to make Geeveston a nicer place to work and live. The Community Development Association has often raised funds through sausage sizzles but has greatly relied on others to donate a barbeque for the occasion and Huon have often done this in the past.

Lynn Smith, Secretary of the Community Development Association said “the barbeque is a fantastic addition to our fundraising efforts and we will no longer have to rely on Huon to donate a barbeque to us every time we fund raise!”

Geeveston Fire Brigade and Junior Cadets

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Geeveston Fire Brigade and Junior Cadets through covering accommodation and travelling costs which will ensure that the Juniors will attend this years State Fire Fighting Competitions. The Geeveston Junior Cadets train every week to ensure they are up to date with their fire fighting skills.

Amelia Direen, Coordinator of the Junior Cadets said “through Huon Aquaculture’s generous donation, we will be able to attend the State Fire Competitions that will be held at Inveresk Park in Launceston in November.”

Hobart College @ Huon LINC

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted Hobart College to implement an interactive learning wall for unconfident students as part of the 26 ten initiative. The grant also involved donating salmon for students enrolled in vocational hospitality units to show them the benefits of preparing, cooking and eating salmon.

Natalie Stanley, a teacher at the Huon LINC said “Tasmania has the lowest retention rates for school attendance than any other state or territory in Australia. It is programs like these that can make a difference to the confidence of students. We thank Huon for their generous donation.”

Port Cygnet Men’s Shed Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants enabled the Port Cygnet Men’s Shed to purchase a sea container to be used as a storage facility for the sheds many tools and equipment. The Port Cygnet Men’s Shed is not a large facility and cannot hold much of its equipment. Although they aim to extend their facility in the long term, it became necessary for the members of the shed to look at other options for dry and safe storage.

Bruce Barnett, President of the Port Cygnet Men’s Shed said “we need to look ahead and start changing some of our resources at the Men’s shed as we start to grow our membership. However for now, we need to make sure we are looking after our equipment as it is vital for our sheds longevity.”

Somerset Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Somerset Surf Life Saving Club to purchase an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) and motor. The grant also involved donating salmon to the club to be used in fundraising events for the life saving club.

The Clubs President, Tony Cowgill said “our club is solely run by volunteers who give a great deal of their time and effort into helping our club. This grant will assist the volunteers a great deal and will help to keep our beaches even safer.”

Southern Stars Boxing Club

Huon’s Helping Hand grants allowed the Southern Stars Boxing Club to purchase fitness bikes to continue training during the winter months. The boxing club is located in Port Huon in the states south and the majority of its members are local children of all ages.

Gina Gordon, Secretary of the boxing club said “during the summer months, children are out training and running at our local park but in winter it’s often too cold and too dark to go outside. That’s why we wanted to invest in exercise bikes, so we could continue training, while keeping warm at the same time.”

Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted with the purchase and construction of portable wood chopping stands for the Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association. The Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association started their project with assistance from the first round of Huon’s Helping Hands but could not complete the project without a little extra financial help which they received in the second round.

Ian Scott, President of the Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association said “Huon has been so generous to help our club out twice. Without their help we could not continue to participate in competitions where there are no permanent wood chopping structures.”

Strahan Parents Involved Playgroup

Huon’s Helping Hand grants enabled the Strahan Parents Involved Playgroup to purchase new toys and play equipment for children in their mission to update old and out of date toys. The playgroup aims to assist parents in Strahan in Tasmania’s north-west while encouraging safe and productive play.

Melanie McDermott, President of the Strahan Parents Involved Playgroup said “Strahan is a tight-knit community and we rely on one another to help each other out, particularly when it comes to caring for children. It is fantastic that Huon has that same community-focused attitude as one of the larger businesses in our town.”

Strahan Primary School Parents and Friends

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted Strahan Primary School to purchase two new fridges to be used in school classrooms to encourage children to bring fresh and healthy food along to school as well as giving them access to chilled water in a move to become a ‘move well, eat well’ status school. The all day access to the fridges encourages students to drink chilled water throughout the day while keeping their fresh food refrigerated.

Courtney Howard, Principal of Strahan Primary School, said “it is great to see Huon looking out for its local community. We have established a great relationship with Huon over the past couple of years and we aim to continue this great relationship well into the future.”

The Dover Community Workshop Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Dover Community Workshop to restore an old six man row boat called ‘La Chaloupe’. ‘La Chaloupe’ was donated to the Dover Community Workshop as a project for members of the workshop however some financial assistance was needed to ensure the restoration could be completed.

Ron Wells, coordinator of the Dover Community Workshop said “we could not have completed this project without the kind assistance of Huon and their Helping Hand program. The restoration of ‘La Chaloupe’ is now complete and it has been a pleasure for all involved to work on this project.”

Upper Huon History Group

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Upper Huon History Group to purchase a screen projector to be used to display archival photos from the Lonnavale, Judbury and Glen Huon areas. The History group wants to show the current families living in the area how the previous generations lived and worked, as well as making their history available to new comers.

Lorraine Whelan, Secretary of the Upper Huon History Group said “since starting our History group four years ago, many people interested in their family backgrounds have asked if their photos are available. We will now able to set up family inheritance lines and scenery across 100 years for projection to a big screen.”

Verona Sands Coast Care & Community Group

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted the Verona Sands Coast Care & Community Group with the restoration of the Charlotte Cove walking track in Tasmania’s south. The walking track was in disarray and was no longer accessible to all users.

Werner Beyer, member of the Verona Sands Coast Care Group, said “this project is very close to my heart and we have been waiting a long time to get started on reconstructing the walking track. The generosity of Huon has enabled us not only to start but also continue this project.”

Warrane Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants saw the donation of gumboots to Warrane Primary School allowing them to pursue their ‘not stuck in the mud’ program. Warrane Primary School is aiming to extend their vegetable gardens as part of the Stephanie Alexander Garden Program and in doing so they needed appropriate gardening footwear for their students.

Kathy McInerney, a teachers assistant at Warrane Primary school said “it was so exciting that Huon could provide us with the gumboots we needed for this program. The children love wearing them and the girls particularly love the hot pink gumboots.”

Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre

Huon’s Helping Hand grants enabled greater numbers of school children to attend the Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre by funding the cost of hiring buses. The Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre gives students of all ages the chance to learn, discover and care for the marine environment through shore and sea based programs.

Claire Blichfeldt, a teacher at Woodbridge School said “through hiring buses, we can allow a greater number of school children to experience the Centre. The marine environment is important to our island state, so it is vital that our young people get a chance to learn about it as much as possible.”

Zeehan Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand grants assisted Zeehan Primary School to replace and update their old playground equipment to meet occupational health and safety standards. Zeehan Primary School, located in Tasmania’s north-west, has been aiming to change their playground equipment for some time but did not have the funding to do so.

Janet Mackenzie, Principal of Zeehan Primary School said “we jumped on the chance to gain funding from Huon as soon as we saw the advertisement. This grant is fantastic for our students as they now have a safe place to play.”