Sponsorship and Donations

We operate in regional communities across Tasmania and are committed to the positive contribution we can make to building strong, safe, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Community-based sponsorships and donations are just one of the ways that we actively engage and contribute to our local communities. We also offer community grants of up to $3,000 via our Helping Hand community grants program.

What is a community-based sponsorship?

A community-based sponsorship is an exchange of money, goods or services between community organisations, institutions, government bodies or individuals and Huon for a brand and sales benefit. Projects that are successful in receiving sponsorship provide evidence of benefiting Huon and include utilising our advertising material (such as banners, aprons and marquees), displaying signage at their event or permanent premises, or listing us as a sponsor on their advertising. A community-based sponsorship is a more commercial agreement than a Helping Hand community grant, as it must not only deliver a community benefit but also provide brand and sales outcomes.

What is a donation?

A donation is a transfer of money, goods or services to registered charities or not-for-profit organisations. Through donations we support those in need in the local community and do not expect to receive a benefit in return. A donation can be in the form of cash, product or in-kind assistance.

When choosing who receives a sponsorship or donation, we give preference to organisations that actively involve one or more of our staff, benefit the local communities in which we operate and benefit the environment and in particular the local marine environment.

Employees of Huon are also entitled to fund matching from the company. Fund matching is looked at on a case-by-case basis. If you are an employee of Huon and are interested in fund matching, please contact community@huonaqua.com.au.

If you are considering applying for a donation or sponsorship please read the policies below and then fill out the application form and send to community@huonaqua.com.au.

Huon Aquaculture Donations Policy
Huon Aquaculture Sponsorship Policy
Alternatively, if you think you may be eligible for a Helping Hand grant please visit the Community Grants section of our website.