Our Stakeholders

Over the past 35 years, Huon has become closely connected with the communities in which we operate. Across the business, Huon is actively represented in local initiatives and committees state-wide. Our community stakeholders are integral to our business and in essence, an extension to what we consider the Huon family. With that, we place an importance on community support through hands on support, advocacy, education and proactive event participation.

As committee representatives for the Smart Seafood Program, we aim to foster and support Tasmania’s seafood industry by promoting best practice and help to conserve and restore marine biodiversity in our local waterways. This participation has stemmed from the legacy of the D’Entrecasteaux Huon Collaboration. As founding committee members, we have a long-standing history with the group to collaborate, manage and fund education/research initiatives to improve the condition of the local waterways. To support local projects with best-practice farming, endangered species habitat conservation, biosecurity, conserving valuable vegetation and restoring river systems, our Environmental Management team are members of the Derwent Catchment Project as well as the Giant Freshwater Crayfish Committee in Tasmania’s north. On the West Coast, Huon has a strong focus on education and establishing a multi-skill workforce in the region, through participation with local school mentoring activities and past representation on the Council’s Education Advisory & Training Committee (ETAC).

As fierce brand ambassadors, we support many regional and state food and beverage shows, promote Tasmania across the globe, are proud members of Brand Tasmania (for more than 15 years) and display the Brand Tas logo on packaged products sold across Australia and internationally. On every occasion that we have been approached, Huon has supported branding initiatives at international functions, trade shows, dinners for visiting high profile dignitaries and celebrities.  Huon has also mentored and supported many small and micro Tasmanian producers at both Brand Tasmania events or Huon specific international trade events utilising other ingredients (wines, ciders and spirits) to showcase the breadth of amazing produce available in Tasmania.  Huon’s attitude to this has always been that (now) as a larger producer we have the corporate capacity to provide the critical mass of both funding and resource to help grow the Tasmanian brand.  We were once a small producer and understand the very real constraints to a business endeavouring to market on a competitive world platform.

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