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How to choose fresh salmon

Ever wondered how to tell if your salmon is fresh?

Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen has the tips and tricks to select the freshest salmon when you’re next at your fishmonger!

Look out for an ocean smell, bright scales, pink gills and firm flesh.

For a whole fish, the slimier the skin, the better!

You can leave fresh salmon in the fridge for 2-3 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Watch the video below:

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How to cook the perfect crispy skin Huon Salmon

Salmon skin can be one of the tastiest elements of any salmon dish, however it’s overlooked by many!

With the help of our friend Scott Gooding learn how to cook the perfect the crispy skin next time your using Huon Salmon.

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How to make a Huon Salmon sashimi plate

All chefs agree that when you have top quality ingredients you should do as little as possible to them and let the produce shine.

When it comes to fresh Huon Salmon, sashimi is one of the best ways to highlight just how good our salmon really is.

Who better than Japanese sushi chef Masakki to show you how to create the ultimate sashimi plate!

Watch the video below:

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Filleting Huon salmon with Masaaki

Masaaki is a Japanese sushi chef based just 20 minutes away from our farm at Hideaway Bay. He has exceptional knife skills and people travel from all over Tasmania and Australia to taste his sushi and sashimi. Fillet along with him as he breaks down an entire Huon salmon.

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