Everything we do at Huon is engineered to make the best quality produce.  Because Huon salmon fillets are humanely stunned, pre-rigour filleted, and chilled but not frozen, the flesh holds firm. Gaps in the “zig-zag” muscle blocks rarely appear, creating a quality presentation for any dish. The key to producing the best quality Atlantic salmon and Ocean trout is loving the product from egg to harvest. Huon produces the world’s most loved salmon by ensuring our fish live a stress free life that guarantees the best quality. 

7 things to look for when you buy a whole salmon

  1. The fish’s eyes should be clear and shiny, not cloudy and dry.
  2. The interior gills should be bright red, not pink or brownish grey-signs of age or improper storage & handling.
  3. The fish should smell like the ocean, not fishy. An unusual smell is a sign of age or improper storage and handling. 
  4. The flesh should be firm, succulent and resilient, able to recover its shape when pressed. If it’s soft it’s probably old.
  5. Unbruised flesh: dark red or brownish spots indicate bruising from mishandling.
  6. Light silvery coloured skin indicates the salmon was harvested when young and in its prime. Darker, more colourful skin indicates an older, leaner, less tasty salmon.
  7. Huon leaves the gills in, so you can check the quality upon delivery.

Tips for buying cold smoked salmon

  • Look for consistency of colour, pale colour with brown patches indicates a lesser quality product
  • Gaping should be minimal
  • Check the firmness of the product, it should hold its shape and not be mushy
  • The flavour should taste natural, not as though the product has been over or under salted
  • Avoid products which are over oily, slimy or dry and are difficult to handle and separate from the packet
  • Smell is a vital indicator, smoked salmon should have a light smell