Farming technology

At Huon, we have pioneered global industry leading technologies including our double-netted Fortress Pens, Feed Barges and our smart feed system. All of these technologies are integral to our successful farming operations in Tasmania and we will be using these technologies at the new zone.

Our Fortress Pens:

The Fortress Pen System was developed in-house by our team in response to a need to keep seals out, provide a safe platform for our staff to work on and allow us to farm further offshore. There was nothing available on the market, so we underwent a two-year, new pen development project with funding support from the Australian Government’s Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Huon’s Fortress Pens have been designed for, and now tested in, some of the toughest Australian conditions at Storm Bay, Tasmania and Providence Bay, New South Wales. This has led to continual improvements to the Fortress Pen design.

These sites are high energy, exposed sites, frequently receiving storms swells and gale force winds.

Modelling by Aquastructures AS, Norway shows the Fortress Pens are capable of withstanding expected environmental conditions at the new zone.

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Our smart feed system:

As we develop our operations we will likely utilise Feed Barges, which provide a safe work environment and allows our experienced fish feeders to focus on feeding the fish. The more robust technology of the new feed system means that there is less physical impact on workers (less strenuous work) and that the skill and experience of older workers can be retained in feed roles.

Through the on-board control room, our experienced feeders have the ability to remotely switch on feed to particular pens, monitor feeding using a series of underwater cameras and pellet detection software, and switch the feed off when the fish are no longer hungry. By carefully monitoring how much the fish are eating, we are able to prevent feed wastage and reduce our environmental impact.

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