Give Chicken The Night Off – Serve Up Some Huon Salmon

What’s this all about?

We’ve launched an exciting national campaign that we want all Australians to be part of. The campaign is built around one simple request, Give Chicken The Night Off. Serve Up Some Huon Salmon.

Chicken is a hardworking piece of protein in most Australian households, so by serving up some Huon Salmon—just one night a week—you can give chicken a night free of responsibility.

Salmon is a superfood protein, rich in Omega-3 and adaptable to many different flavour profiles and cuisines. Just as quick and just as easy as cooking chicken, Huon Salmon makes for a tasty and effortless meal within 20 minutes.

What do I do?

Just like when you buy chicken, you can make a choice to buy salmon that is farmed with a focus on animal welfare; Huon Salmon have been raised throughout their entire lives with a focus on their welfare from the hatchery through to when they are humanely harvested. That’s why we’re the first and only Australian seafood producer to be recognised under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

So the next time you’re walking down the supermarket aisle wondering what you can make for dinner that’s quick and easy, just remember what ‘Chicken’ could do with a night off – serve up some Huon Salmon tonight!

Retailer or wholesaler?

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