Huon Aquaculture creating jobs on the NW coast

After a decline in the number of jobs available on the North-West coast of Tasmania, with a number of local processing plants closing or relocating interstate in the last 12 months, Huon Aquaculture has opened its new multi-million dollar processing plant.

A significant milestone for the family-owned Tasmanian company, processing operations have been relocated from Port Huon to Parramatta Creek, near Latrobe, immediately creating at least 45 permanent positions for residents on the NW coast with another 120 new positions to be created as the business grows.

Co-founder of Huon Aquaculture, Frances Bender, said that the decision to relocate processing to the NW coast was based on the opportunity to develop a world-class, state-of-the-art facility in a region of Tasmania that had a lot to offer.

“The relocation has been the culmination of years of planning to modernise and increase the efficiency of our processing operations,” Mrs Bender said.

“This new facility will enable Huon Aquaculture to move forward knowing it can continue to produce a world class product right here in Tasmania.

“While other businesses may be abandoning their operations on the NW coast, we are confident that this relocation will only further cement our reputation as not only a producer of a world-class product, but also as a significant contributor to the Tasmanian job economy.

“Not only will the new processing plant create hundreds of jobs on the NW coast in the long term, another 300-400 positions are likely to be created in the surrounding area over time through a knockon effect.

“All employees of the southern processing facility were given the opportunity to relocate to the NW coast, as well as the opportunity to continue working at the southern site with its new owners, who will commence operation shortly.

“After only a few days of production at the new processing plant everything is running smoothly and Huon Aquaculture is looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with the North-West coast of Tasmania.”

If successful in an application for federal funding to expand the NW site, operations may be moved from the smoking and curing plant in Adelaide, bringing another 90-120 jobs with it.

One hundred percent privately owned, the Huon Aquaculture Group is an award winning company producing over 10,000 tonnes of fresh salmon per year and is recognised globally as being the premium producer of fresh and smoked salmon products.