At Huon, we believe a commitment to research and development is crucial to a sustainable and successful aquaculture industry. Since 1986, we have championed aquaculture research in Australia and are internationally recognised for the technology and systems we have developed.

Research conducted in Port Stephens will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Fish health and performance;
  2. Assessment of benthic and water quality indicators; and
  3. Wildlife interactions.

Huon are working together with the NSW DPI on the Government owned Marine Aquaculture Research Lease. This will assist the Government to determine if fish farming in the region can be undertaken safely in a commercial setting. After a period of five years the partnership will be reviewed.

To reach our goal of researching the development of a viable and environmentally sustainable Yellowtail Kingfish farming operation, we will:

  1. Use industry leading technology and farming practices to grow world-class Yellowtail Kingfish in Port Stephens;
  2. Move existing lease locations further offshore to more environmentally appropriate farm sites that will also be further away from residences and recreational boating;
  3. Install wildlife safe pens across the leases which are designed to safeguard our fish, the local marine environment and ensure the safety of our employees;
  4. Work cooperatively with the relevant authorities, including the NSW DPI, to ensure the highest standards in biosecurity; and
  5. Engage openly and respectfully with stakeholders and the local community.

You can find out more about the Benthic Monitoring here and Environmental Monitoring here.