Huon to continue Supreme Court action

Huon Aquaculture announces today that it will continue legal action in the Tasmanian Supreme Court challenging the validity of the final biomass decision for Macquarie Harbour announced by EPA Director Wes Ford.

 Huon Aquaculture Co-founder and Executive Director, Frances Bender said, “Today’s decision has over-complicated a simple solution. Huon and Petuna have both brought forward their harvest plans to achieve compliance with the 12,000tonne limit and reduce pressure on the waterway now.

 “This decision to allow a risky, unproven waste capture system in a waterway under stress is the most complicated way to fix a problem when the simple solution, accelerated harvesting, is readily available.   Accelerated harvesting maintains jobs, maintains a lower biomass, is safe and humane, and can be implemented immediately to protect the environment.

“The question that needs to be asked is why Tassal failed to consider this option and why this convoluted and risky alternative has been agreed to by the EPA Director.

“Why is the EPA Director prepared to risk the jobs, the environment and the other operators in the Harbour whilst protecting the interests on one company. It makes no sense.

“The conditions in Macquarie Harbour right now are worse than they were the same time last year. There is an ongoing downward trend in dissolved oxygen and this is acknowledged in today’s Statement of Reasons from the EPA Director.  Yet again, the warning signs continue to be ignored by this latest Biomass Determination. An increased biomass of around 16,000 tonnes is irresponsible and unacceptable.

“Today’s biomass determination hasn’t changed and neither has our view. On that basis we will seek judicial review of the decision in the Tasmanian Supreme Court to protect the long-term sustainability of the Harbour, the reputation of our industry and the jobs it supports,” she said.


Huon Aquaculture contact: Jane Gallichan, Corporate Affairs Manager, or 0400 159 664

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