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National Heart Week – Your heart healthy fish

In recognition of National Heart Week, give your “ticker” a gift and include a meal (or two) of salmon. Dubbed as one of only 14 known ‘superfoods’, the inclusion of salmon in your diet is now even more critical if…

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MORE TO FEAST YOUR EYES ON In our third year as a major supporting partner of Tasmania’s Dark Mofo, we’re bringing even more to the table this year! At the Winter Feast you can look forward to seeing not one,…

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Entertaining for a five set Australian Open marathon

Fatigue is as much a problem for the TV viewer as it is for the men and women on Rod Laver Arena, so as official salmon suppliers to the Australian Open Festival, Huon Salmon is here to set you up with an entertaining regime that will have you serving at high speeds deep into the fifth set.

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New chefs playing the game: Jacques Reymond

Freshness is crucial to chef Jacques Reymond, but that comes second to letting top-notch food speak for itself. According to Reymond there’s one mistake new chefs are making. “Why do you need to have additional ingredients, condiments, fragrances, ten different…

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Five secrets to creating an Instagram worthy platter

Stylist Michelle Crawford (@michellecrawford) runs us through creating the ultimate Instagramable platter imaginable.   1 – Choosing your platter – Go big or go home! You want big impact, so think big when it comes to the size of your…

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Why do we eat turkey at Christmas?

Why do we eat turkey during the festive season? The history behind this tradition is short and mundane, and that’s exactly why I think we should give this bird the flick. The Christmas turkey tradition can be traced back to…

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Salmon is recognised as a superfood which means it is, “a natural food regarded as especially beneficial because of its nutrient profile or its health-protecting qualities”. The superfood status is a result of salmon containing large amounts of Omega-3 fatty…

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Salmon can help because it is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 oils – the building blocks of life. There are two groups of Omega-3 oils commonly referred to: one is sourced…

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