How to cook the perfect crispy skin Huon Salmon

Salmon skin can be one of the tastiest elements of any salmon dish, however it’s overlooked by many!

With the help of our friend Scott Gooding learn how to cook the perfect crispy skin next time your pan-frying Huon Salmon.

First, ensure you have the freshest Huon Salmon from your local fishmonger or grocer.

You can read our tips to picking the freshest salmon here.

It all starts with the seasoning. Sprinkle sea salt on your Huon Salmon portion.

Make sure your portion is evenly coated in the salt and pepper seasoning.

Heat a non-stick pan to a medium-high heat and either spray or drizzle oil into the pan. Place the seasoned Huon Salmon portion skin side down.

Your salmon should make a light sizzling sound when the skin hits the oil in the pan.

Lightly push on the non-skin side of the fillet to make sure all of the skin is touching the pan and is able to sear.

Leave in the pan for 4-5 minutes. You will start to see the edges of the salmon flesh turn into a paler pink colour as it cooks.

Turn the portion onto each side for one minute and lightly push down to sear.

Finally, place the top of the flesh onto the pan to sear.

This will completely seal all the edges of the salmon portion and lock in the heat.

Serve with the skin side up to maintain the crispiness.

If you serve skin side down the fillet will sweat on the plate and the skin will become less crispy.

The most crucial step – enjoy!

Thanks to our friend Scott Gooding for the tips!