Enjoy your best chicken dishes with Huon Salmon instead!

If you have seen our latest advertising campaign encouraging Australians to eat more salmon but are drawing a blank as to how chicken can be swapped for salmon, read on!

We talked with Huon’s in-house chef and Tasmanian Business Manager, Luke Cavanagh, to get some tips and tricks to make the transition to cooking with Huon Salmon simple and easy.  

Salmon is a versatile protein, so it is easy and quick to cook.  The first thing to consider is the method of cookery. If you want a salmon taco you won’t need to stew the salmon for hours, instead you might gently poach it in the sauce. Likewise, if you are cooking a pasta or risotto, you might either cook the salmon separately or add it to the sauce at the end and gently heat through.

For a first try, what about an easy salmon burger that will satisfy those take-out cravings?  Burgers can be made from whole portions, minced salmon or as a salmon-cake with other ingredients. Make sure to include your favourite sauce and toppings in a good-quality bun.

For a healthier option, try making your own nourish bowl with rice, fresh seasonal veggies (use what you have got in your garden at the moment) and your favourite type of salmon.  Love curry?  Salmon is an ideal protein for mild curry bases.

If you’re not confident cooking raw salmon, try using hot or cold smoked instead.  Hot or cold smoked salmon is a great way to get into cooking with fish. It is as easy as crumbling it into your dish and warming it through. Remember, don’t cook, just warm!

Luke is a father to two young girls, so he knows how to make salmon appealing to little tastebuds. His advice is to pop a crumb coating on the salmon, which is easy to do, and the children can be part of the preparation. They will love learning where their food comes from and helping out from start to finish.  Plus, if little fingers can easily pick it up and dip it in a sauce, you’re onto a winner!

Cooking with salmon doesn’t have to be complicated. We have hundreds of recipes on our website to get you started. These range from beginner through to accomplished—there’s something for everyone.

Next time you’re thinking about dinner, give chicken the night off and serve up some quick and tasty Huon Salmon.