Happy Chinese New Year from one of China’s first importers of Huon Salmon

To mark the Year of the Rat, we spoke with Auslink Marine who were one of the first to import Huon Salmon into China, and remain one of our key distributors in the region, about what the New Year means to him:

“Every year, we look forward to Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s special in so many ways.

This year, I will be in Beijing with my family and as we usher in the new lunar year. We will quietly pray for our ancestors, reflect on the past year and welcome in the new lunar year with big celebrations. We will eat a lot, laugh a lot and again, eat some more. We will also be eating a lot of Huon salmon as Huon’s vibrant red colored salmon meat means we are feasting on good luck and prosperity!

The Chinese new year period is also a strangely quiet time for us. The week’s prior to Chinese new year eve is by far the busiest business weeks of the year for us. Our seafood sales skyrocket during this period so it’s all hands on deck as we satisfy our customer’s orders. But by about 3 days prior to Chinese new year eve, many of our staff start making their journeys back to their home towns. Some are on buses, some on trains and for those of us who remain in Beijing, we enjoy a few days of rest from work.

The first day of Chinese new year will be very busy for me. I will be visiting friends and family and giving away red envelopes which we consider as “lucky money”. The more we give, the more we prosper. It’s wonderful seeing everyone so happy and celebrating the new year. I wish all the team at Huon, your family and customer’s “xin nian kuai le” and a very happy and prosperous year of the rat!”

Mr Wang Dong Wei, President, Beijing Dong Long in partnership with AUSLINK MARINE PRODUCTS




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