Harvested by night, fresher by day

What’s the most important thing that you look for when buying seafood? We know that freshness is front-of-mind and we have the research to prove it! 

Everyone knows that the fresher seafood is, the better it tastes. This is precisely why we harvest our Huon Salmon at night, so that it reaches you fresher by day.  

Harvesting by night is the Huon difference—it directly results in better quality flesh, taste and a more superior product. 

Not only does harvesting at night mean that you get fresher Huon Salmon, it is also better for our fish as they are generally calmer at this time. This means that they are relaxed when they are humanely harvested through our RSPCA UK-awarded system.  

Another reason why not all salmon is Huon. 

Ever wondered how to tell if your salmon is fresh? Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen has the tips and tricks to select the freshest salmon when you’re next at your fishmonger – read more here.

We’re proud to bring you the freshest Huon Salmon possible. Try the Huon difference today shop online or find your nearest stockist