Huon Salmon for your furry friends

We have some good news for everyone who sneaks their dog some salmon off the dinner table—it is as good for them as it is for us!

Salmon contains the essential fatty acid, Omega-3 which is beneficial for both you and your pet’s health.  Omega-3 helps manage the inflammatory process and assists with healthy joint function, particularly important as pets age at a faster rate than their owners.  It also keeps skin and coats (of the furry kind) health and minimises the symptoms of allergies, and helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular function, to enable them to love you back with all their heart!

Here’s some of our favourite furry friends enjoying #HuonSalmon!

If you want to find out more, we highly recommend watching the clip below from our friends at Pooches at Play.

You can find Huon Salmon in a range of pet foods including:

If you are giving your dog fresh Huon Salmon, we recommend removing any bones prior to feeding.