Huon, what’s in a name?

We often get asked, how do you pronounce Huon and what does it mean? Well here’s your answer.

Huon refers to the beautiful Huon Valley in Tasmania where Huon Salmon begun in the 1980s and still remains. The Huon Valley begins just 30 minutes from Hobart and extends to the southernmost place in Australia.

Known for it’s high quality produce, and in particular apples, cider and wine, the Huon Valley is the foodie’s haven.

Come down for a Tasmanian escape and book a few nights in a country style B&B and take in the beauty and taste of the Huon Valley, or jam pack a day trip and squeeze as much food and drink into your belly as possible.

Willie Smith’s Apple Shed. Photo: Samuel Shelley
Home Hill Winery. Photo: Tourism Tasmania and Chris Crerar

Officially pronounced “Hugh-on”, Huon has many variances depending on who you speak to. Ask a local and you’ll hear “u-en”. But don’t be surprised if you hear “who-en”, everyone likes to put their spin on it.

Either way, one thing you’ll know for sure, when you see or hear Huon, you know you’re getting the freshest Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon.

Why are Huon Salmon’s roots so connected to the Huon Valley?

For Founders and previous owners Peter and Frances Bender, farming, whether it is on land or sea, has always been about family, community, passion and of course, quality produce that is second to none. As local Tasmanians, they met by chance on the Ida Bay Railway, and just two years later they were married and managing the family cattle and sheep farming property in the Huon Valley.

While farming was their passion, they also branched into other business ventures, including a butcher’s shop, Tasmania’s first trellised apricot orchard, as well as a small-scale excavating business to help on the cattle farm.

In 1986, the Benders began farming fish. To start with, they only had one pen of trout and a single employee, all while still running the butcher shop, managing and working a cattle farm and the apricot orchard, not to mention raising three small children.

Eight years later, Peter and Frances made the decision to put all their energy into fish farming and bought the fish farm outright from the family company. During this time, Peter and France were contract growers, which meant they sold their fish to other companies.

In 2005, they stepped out from behind the contract grower model and the Huon Salmon brand was established, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Peter and Frances owned the company for 35 years before selling to JBS Foods in November 2021, passing on a wealth of knowledge and memories gained over the years.

The beautiful rolling hills at Huon Aquaculture’s Forest Home facility.