It’s no secret Huon Salmon and cheese are a perfect match

When you think Huon Salmon and Bruny Island Cheese your first thought may wander to delicious, high quality Tasmanian products. And while you’re not wrong, the relationship goes far deeper than just tasty foods that accompany each other on a platter at the table.

The growth journey for a Huon Salmon takes around three years and often starts at a land based freshwater hatchery in the Huon Valley, called Forest Home which is located in the beautiful town of Judbury, on the edge of the Huon River, directly across from Glen Huon Dairy; the “cheese” partner in this perfect match!
The dairy is home to rare breed cows that produce the milk to make the flavoursome Bruny Island cheese and milk, but there’s an important step in the middle involving Huon Salmon.

The Forest Home farmland was certified as organic by NASAA in late 2019 because all waste from the hatchery is collected and separated into solid and liquid fractions, and then re-used – solids are spread on multiple Tassie farms as compost, while the wastewater is filtered, treated, disinfected with ozone treatment and then stored for irrigation on the farmland in the drier summer months.

The organic-silage grown on our farmland is then fed to the beautiful rare breed Glen Huon Dairy cows, which is then used by Bruny Island Cheese to produce its high-quality delicious products.

Huon has reduced the impact of our freshwater operations by turning wastewater into a by-product, providing our neighbours with access to paddocks containing lush, organic grass for their rare breed cows to enjoy. Furthermore, the milk produced is free from any GMO’s, pesticides, sprays and chemical residues, ensuring it is not only safer for the consumer, but guarantees the highest levels of animal welfare – cows that are as happy and healthy as possible!

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