Less cooking, more Christmas!

We all know how hectic Christmas time can be. Whether you have a large or small family, old or young kids, it is never as simple as we would like it to be.

One of the most time-consuming events for Christmas is also almost everyone’s favourite, Christmas lunch. You can very easily spend almost over an hour just on the ham alone. Then you have all our favourite cakes, treats, turkey, and roast veggies. The list goes on and on.

By the time you have finally finished making lunch the day has disappeared – vanished. We miss out on time we could be spending with our loved ones.

So why don’t we make Christmas simpler with salmon.

As such a versatile protein, you can make either a simple canape or the hero dish. A whole salmon can be cooked in 30 minutes (a lot faster than an hour and a half for a small roast pork) and can feed any large family. Or simply chuck a salmon portion on the BBQ for a classic Australian Christmas.

So, this Christmas why don’t we make life simpler with salmon, when you’re doing your Christmas shop this year swap out your traditional roast for a side of Huon Salmon from your local fish monger, supermarket or simply purchase online and have it delivered to your door.



Here are some quick recipes to try this Christmas:


       Christmas Stuffed Whole Huon Salmon                         BBQ Huon Salmon with Cranberry & Avocado Salsa


Huon Smoked Salmon & Baby Baked Potatoes