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“You’ll know if you follow me on Social Media that I love using Huon salmon in my recipes! Salmon was one of the world’s first official superfoods and is well -known for a huge range of health benefits! As the saying goes, health is 80% what we eat and 20% how we move! However, knowing that we can all be busy bees and fitness is often the first thing that can get swiped off our sometimes crazy to-do lists, I’ve created these work-outs for you guys to get back to basics!

Give these a go in the park of a morning, in a stationary cupboard at work or with your mates on the weekend.
These work-outs are designed for you to start off with one or two rounds and build up to AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).
Remember it doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out for years or have just mastered your first burpee – It’s all about moving, and you’ve already started!

Health is so much more than push ups and squats. It’s finding the balance between a bunch of different factors including nutrition, rest, recovery, sleep, hydration, food and mindfulness. Keeping on top of all of them is not realistic , but working on them as an ongoing journey for yourself is. Each workout is designed to target each body parts, with a strong emphasis on compound movements (involving multiple joints). Each workout will test your muscular endurance and core strength.

Health and fitness is all about balance and working in with your lifestyle! Put yourself first! Have fun!” – Scott Gooding


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