What is sashimi grade salmon?

Did you know the translation for the Japanese word “sashimi” is “pierced body”?   

Not to be confused with sushi, sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat, usually fish, such as salmon or tuna, typically served without rice, to enable consumers to taste the full flavour. 

For fresh salmon to qualify as sashimi grade, the fish has to meet a range of strict criteria to qualify as “ready to eat raw”. These criteria include specific handling conditions (sashimi must be consumed on the day the package is opened) and sashimi grade product must also have been prepared within 72 hours post harvesting.

Ensure to ask your fishmonger whether the salmon or ocean trout is sashimi grade. Huon is renowned around the world for our high quality sashimi grade fish.

When it comes to fresh Huon Salmon, sashimi is one of the best ways to highlight just how good our salmon really is and who better than Japanese sushi chef Masakki to show you how to create the ultimate sashimi plate!

In this video one of our good friends from the south of Tasmania, Masaaki from Masaaki Sushi in Geeveston, shows you how to make an amazing plate of Huon Salmon sashimi.


And for the record, the word is pronounced “sashi mi”!

Here are some delicious and easy sashimi recipes!

Huon Ocean Trout Sashimi, Radishes, Grapefruit

Preparation: 40 Minutes

Cooking: 1 Minutes

Serves: 2

This recipe from Chef Josh Retzer of Stillwater is a fresh, bright and flavour packed take on Huon Ocean Trout sashimi. Delicate preparation and artful assembly is guaranteed to impress your guests or that someone special.


Huon Cold Smoked Salmon Sashimi with Red Grapes

Preparation: 40 Minutes

Cooking: 1 Minutes

Serves: 2

Fresh. Sweet. Smooth. No other words needed.