National Heart Week – Your heart healthy fish

In recognition of National Heart Week, give your “ticker” a gift and include a meal (or two) of salmon. Dubbed as one of only 14 known ‘superfoods’, the inclusion of salmon in your diet is now even more critical if we are to avoid becoming the first generation to have a lower life expectancy than its predecessor.

While progress has been made globally to reduce infectious diseases, cardiovascular, nervous and autoimmune system diseases are on the increase. And other diet-related problems such as obesity, depression and mental illnesses now rank as an even bigger problem for European populations.

Salmon is recognised as a superfood because of its nutrient profile and health-protecting qualities, making it a great way to fuel your body. The superfood status is a result of salmon containing large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and being low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein.

In addition, to cardiovascular benefits, a diet rich in Omega-3 has also been found to assist with easing joint or arthritis pain by decreasing inflammation as well as brain development and function. So keep your neurons firing with some salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Follically challenged? Salmon is also loaded with vitamin D and protein that can assist to keep your scalp healthy, promoting hair growth.

Given the vast amount of research coming out confirming the health benefits of eating salmon, it’s not surprising many health professionals are encouraging us to eat more oily fish such as salmon. Aim for two servings per week, which may reduce your risk of a heart attack by up to one-third.


Here are 4 heart healthy salmon recipes we recommend so you can be fueled by salmon:

 Huon Salmon Poke Bowl 

One Pan Teriyaki Huon Salmon 

Huon Salmon Taco 

Huon Salmon Slaw with Mint and Peas