Huon Online Shop FAQs

How does delivery work?

We deliver direct to your door, Australia wide.

Step 1 – Once your order has been prepared we undertake a final quality check and pack items into thermally insulated shipping boxes. Your order is then shipped to your designated delivery address within 1 to 2 days. We notify you by email and via our online order tracking facility once the order has been shipped. Consignment tracking numbers are also provided to assist with expected delivery times.

Step 2 – Huon ships Australia-wide using Toll Priority‘s extensive air freight and road network. Orders are targeted to be delivered within 1 to 2 days after leaving our dispatch facility. Orders are normally delivered during business hours, Wednesday to Friday. We do not deliver on weekends, Mondays or Tuesdays.  We always aim to deliver on the preferred delivery date you select at checkout, however, deliveries may occur within a 24-48 time frame of the requested date.

Step 3 – The combination of preparation and shipping to order means you may need to allow up to 9 days for your order to be delivered.

Step 4 – You may authorise orders to be left safely at the nominated delivery address (authority to leave), however you need to be considerate of the perishable nature of our products. Alternatively in the absence of authority to leave, our freight provider will leave a collection card for the recipient to call and arrange for collection or re delivery.


How are your orders kept cold?

Our products are shipped in a polystyrene box enclosed with frozen gel packs which have been quality tested to last for up to 56 hours in non-refrigerated transport.

These gel packs will melt but in doing so keep the polystyrene box at the required temperature.

If your order does not arrive within its allotted timeframe, please DO NOT consume any product and contact us immediately. If you are unsure about the product in anyway upon receipt, please contact us as soon as is convenient.


What if I want the order to be delivered on a specific day, or to order in advance?

You can request a specific delivery date in the special instructions box at checkout. You can order up to 3 months in advance. Our customer service team will confirm if this delivery date is available or organise the closest delivery to the date after you have submitted the order.


How does our subscription service work?

You can subscribe to a selection of products (cart) by selecting subscribe in the cart page. You can select how often you will receive the product on a week or month cycle. You will only be charged for each order upon the cycle which will automatically be deducted and processed.

The order will then be processed in our system to be sent Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday a minimum of 7 business days after. You will receive a confirmation of expected date of delivery every time an order has been processed.


How do I change or cancel my subscription ?

You can log in to your online account via our store (, and select “Manage Subscriptions”. Here you can update payment methods, postage information, skip orders, edit carts or cancel your order. Alternatively, you can directly contact and we can update it on your behalf. You must cancel or edit the subscription 48 hours prior to the next cycle to avoid any fees.


Can I freeze product I buy online?

We do not recommend freezing any of our products, as freezing our products can reduce the quality. As an example freezer burns may occur which would render the product inedible.

We recommend consuming our products chilled, and within the recommended use by date to ensure you enjoy the best quality and taste as possible.


Can I eat the scales from the large salmon fillet?

You can cook these portions and consume it with the scales on, the recommended way to cook this is in a hot pan, skin side down, which causes the scales to break down and isn’t an issue when consumed.


What is the product shelf-life on dispatch?

Cold smoked, Hot Smoked – 25 minimum fresh days
Hot smoked – 25 minimum fresh days
Pâté – 25 minimum fresh days
Reserve Hot Smoked – 21 minimum fresh days
Reserve Cold Smoked – 21 minimum fresh days
Premium Caviar – 17 minimum fresh days
Reserve Caviar – 17 minimum fresh days
Premium portions – 12 minimum fresh days
Premium/Sashimi grade fillet – 9 minimum fresh days