Huon’s new salmon taxi arrives

Our new well-boat, the Ronja Huon, has arrived in Tasmania and will be used to bath and transport salmon to more exposed sites off-shore.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Huon Aquaculture, Peter Bender said the well-boat was the first of its kind to be used in aquaculture operations in Tasmania and that it had been constructed with the company’s exact specifications in mind.

“This boat will help us to safely service our more exposed sites such as Trumpeter Bay and help to eliminate the towing of fresh water and the large canvas liners required to supply this water, as well as the towing of pens to harvest, which will see a significant reduction in noise for our neighbours,” said Mr Bender.

“Instead of towing pens at 1-2 knots we’ll be able to transport fish at 12-14 knots, reducing travel time, visual impact and noise for the surrounding communities.

“The most common travel path for the vessel for the time being will be from Port Huon to the lower Huon Channel area where our main farming sites are situated.

“We believe that just as a result of bathing in the well-boat that we’ll see a reduction of approximately 1,125 tows on our farm sites a year, a significant decrease that comes as a response to community concern about the number of boat movements on the river.

“This is not to mention the reduction in tows of fish to harvest that currently also take place at low speeds and over long periods of time.”

The arrival of the well-boat is part of our Controlled Growth Strategy which will see us deliver higher production volumes while increasing fish quality and maintaining consistency, as well as improving efficiencies.

“Growth and continuous improvement have always been essential ingredients in our success and this strategic vision and the arrival of the well-boat in particular, is the next step in our journey to what we see as world’s best practice salmon farming,” said Mr Bender.

Mr Bender said the Controlled Growth Strategy was guided by six key principles:

  1. Increasing production to meet growing customer demand responsibly and safely while also increasing efficiency of farming practices and improving the already high quality of Huon fish;
  2. Improving the health and welfare of fish;
  3. Improving safety for Huon workers;
  4. Reducing the Company’s environmental footprint;
  5. Continuing to positively participate in the community; and
  6. Producing world-class salmon products in Tasmania

“We’re excited to finally have the boat here and to put it to work as we continue to drive the business forward in Tasmania.”

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