Lease locations

Why we moved the leases offshore:

Fish health and welfare: The deeper, higher energy (wave and wind) sites means that pens are located in an area with stronger currents and greater water movement. This results in more oxygen, less carbon dioxide and is much better for the fish.

Reduced environmental impact:

  1. Greater water movement provides better conditions for the fish;
  2. The coarse grit sediment under the pens is better oxygenated which means that any nutrients (organic matter) are broken down faster; and
  3. The different ecology (animal and food webs) of the sites means that organic matter is processed more easily and quickly.

Reduced navigational, visual and noise impact on the community:

By moving the leases offshore, they are less visible from land by the local community and the sound of boats will be less, as boats will be further away from shore. The outcomes of these changes include:

  1. Less visual impact for Hawks Nest residents;
  2. Less interaction with inshore boat traffic; and
  3. Providing a greater buffer zone to Cabbage Tree Island including less interaction with divers, recreational fishers and tourism operations around the island and key wreck sites.

Working together in a shared waterway:

Huon has a long history of operating within shared waterways and working cooperatively with local tourism operators, commercial and recreational boaters and residents. This includes across areas such as the visibility of our operations, navigation and lease locations.

Whilst many local residents enjoy the visual interest of our farms, we also accept that it is not all residents’ preference. By moving the leases offshore, they are less visible from the land by the local community.

Lease location:

Five sea pens are located on the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease located offshore between Cabbage Tree and Broughton Island. There are six illuminated navigation markers to identify the lease.

When navigating near the Marine Aquaculture
Research Lease you are welcome to:
• Take photos or footage of the lease – we are proud to be farming Yellowtail Kingfish in Providence Bay.
• Contact us if you have any questions about our research operations.

Please remember:
• Don’t approach too closely to the sea pens, there are mooring lines beneath the surface.
• It is an offence to tie up to, board, or interfere with lease infrastructure. Recreational fishers and spearfishers should remain a safe distance from sea pens, netting and buoys.
• If transiting through the lease is unavoidable, don’t drop anchor as there are underwater moorings.

Huon Aquaculture will soon be installing red ‘tie up’ buoys for fishers. Our pens are under continuous video surveillance.