Marine Farm Monitoring

Each of our sites operate within a licence agreement specific to that area. Whilst controls on different sites may vary the general indicators for environmental compliance within, and on the borders of lease areas are as follows:

  • There must be no significant visual, chemical or biological impacts extending 35 metres from the boundary of the lease area, as specified in our marine farming licence.
  • Environmental monitoring must be done in the lease area, 35 metres outside the boundary of the marine farming lease area and at any comparison sites in accordance with the requirements specified in our marine farming licence.

Please visit our Sustainability Dashboard to find out more about:

  • Our farm fallowing program
  • Current farm compliance

New developments in farming technology and practices will further reduce our impact on the marine environment.

Our new pens, feeding systems and lease locations will all contribute to better outcomes for our fish and the marine environment. Click here to find out more.