Coronavirus – News

The following information has been developed for Huon Aquaculture employees. With the continuing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) around the world it is important that we continue to stay safe, protect each other and take sensible precautions.  We also want to assure you that we are taking proactive measures to ensure a safe working environment.


3 July – Checking in with everyone 

We are all sick of hearing about COVID-19, we are all “over” the distancing requirements and the limitations on our lifestyle and we are scared about what the future might look like.  None of these issues are likely to be resolved in the short-term, so what can we do?

Look after our own mental health.

COVID-19 is real, it is infectious but social distancing does minimise transmission as does washing hands and using hand sanitiser after touching doors, handles, communal surfaces.  Likewise, avoiding unnecessary physical contact with people will also minimise transmission.

Stay informed and connected – you can do this without breaching the 1.5 metre rule (yes, that still exists); call friends, talk to mates, reach out to someone.

Look after your mind and your body – go for a walk. There’s plenty of room in our communities to exercise while still maintaining the 1.5 metre rule.  Deep breathing can help – lay down, relax, inhale through the nose, fill your chest and gently exhale.   Eat well (not often!) – the same applies to medicinal alcohol.  Maintain a good sleep routine which includes minimising screen time.

Please talk to people you trust – it’s likely they have similar worries. COVID-19 will be the backdrop of our society for some time to come but simple measures can help protect us all.

You, and your family, can access free counselling support by calling Workplace Health & Wellbeing on 1800 316 616.


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