The life-cycle of Atlantic salmon

Eggs & Alevins

Our brood stock produce eggs at our hatcheries located around Tasmania where we incubate them for almost three months, during which time they hatch and become alevins


Once alevins no longer use the yolk sacks depicted above they become fry and are ready to take food and are transferred to small tanks where they are nurtured 24/7 by our hatchery staff.


Parr is the term given to salmon as they develop from small and newly emerged fry to smolt which is ready to be transferred to open water. Throughout this period they remain in the hatchery to ensure they grow strong and healthy.

First Year Smolts

Once the fish become a year old it is referred to as smolt and is moved to open water pens to begin life as a saltwater Atlantic salmon and adjust to their new environment.


As Huon salmon adapt to life in open waters they are moved out to deeper waters to enjoy the full benefit of the sea and grow to become the final product we love on the plate.

Adult Salmon

When our smolt grow to adults they are ready for harvest. Adult salmon are between four and six kilograms when they are sent to harvest which insures the high quality flesh of our fish.