The Future of Fish Farming

Our move to offshore farming began in 2014 and was a step-change for our industry, delivering benefits for the environment, fish health, employee safety and other users of our shared waterways.

In just a year (between 2014 and 2015) we completely changed the way we farmed by:

  • Replacing every single mooring and pen on every lease, changing the way we feed our fish and changing the way our teams on the farm work together.
  • Using our wellboat, the Ronja Huon (the first ship of her kind anywhere in the world), to bathe our fish in freshwater and keep them healthy.
  • Closing down our shallowest inshore sites and moved our remaining sites into deeper, higher energy areas to reduce our impact on neighbours and improve navigation and safety.
  • Implementing our patented Fortress Pens; a world-first initiative that reflected three decades of farming knowledge and the newest technology available.

Our approach to sustainable salmon farming

We will continue to monitor and develop new approaches, and use the best available technology, so we can farm offshore safely.

The six principles that continue to guide our planning are:
1) increasing production responsibly and safely
2) improving the health and welfare of our fish
3) improving safety for our workers
4) reducing our environmental footprint
5) continuing to positively participate in the community
6) producing world-class salmon products in Tasmania.