Our team at Parramatta Creek oversees the fresh, smoked and cured processing with a focus on freshness and quality. We are one few companies in the world which undertakes all aspects of fish processing in one place.

The HOG (Head On Gutted) Room

Here salmon enter Parramatta Creek in custom-built tankers. As Huon fish are harvested at night, they arrive for processing early in the morning in an ice slurry.

Our fish enter the facility ‘in the round’, meaning that they are fully intact.

The fish are transferred from tankers into the gutting process where they are gutted by machine, graded for quality and weight.

About 80% of fish that come through Parramatta Creek are packed into polyboxes for dispatch to wholesalers, and 20% packed into trolleys where they continue on to be filleted.


The Filleting Room

HOG arrive here and are put on the filleting processing line. Here we remove the majority of bones so we end up with fillets of salmon.

Salmon are trimmed to size depending on specifications and then graded for size and quality.

We trim our fish in a way that reduces wastage. The sections of the fish that we can’t use such as heads and frames, are sent offsite for further processing and use in products such as pet food and fertiliser.

After trimming, fillets are either packed into polyboxes pre-rigor and sent onto customers, or go through rigour and continue onto the Raw Processing Room.


The Raw Processing Room

After the fillets have gone through rigour, they enter the raw processing room where they are pin boned by machine and hand. After being pin boned, the fillets are 3D scanned which allows the computer to decide how best to portion the piece for weight and size.

Here, we also remove the skin of the salmon. Our cold smoked products have the skin removed, hot smoked skin on, and fresh portions can be either. We smoke our hot smoked salmon pre-rigor, meaning that it is pin boned after smoking.

From here, fillets are either salted in preparation for curing and smoking, or portioned and packed in MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging).

The fresh portions that end up on supermarket shelves and in wet shops are packed in MAP. These packs limit the amount of oxygen in the pack which ensure that our salmon stays fresher for longer.


Curing and Smoking Room

The trolleys with salted fillets are taken through to the Curing and Smoking room where they are cured for 24 hours at a temperature of 3-4oC. From here, fish are separated into product destined to be cold smoked or hot smoked. For food safety reasons, after being separated, the cold and hot smoked products never come into contact.

Fish destined to be cold smoked salmon are smoked and cooled in a blast room to 0oC which quickly reduces the temperature of the salmon.

Hot smoked salmon is cooked for a much shorter time and at a higher temperature than cold smoked salmon. The fish ends up with a texture similar to cooked salmon. Hot smoked salmon are also blast-cooled to 0oC.

Our smokers are made by Reich and allow for complete control throughout the smoking and drying cycles.


Cold Smoke Room

This is where all of our cold smoked salmon and ocean trout products are sliced, weighed and packaged. It also houses our caviar room where we carefully process and package our world-renowned salmon caviar products.


The Caviar Room

While caviar has a reputation as an indulgence enjoyed by the elite, our caviar story began almost by accident. As some of our salmon matured, we realised we had an opportunity to collect the roe and this is when our caviar journey started.

Salmon roe take on the characteristics of the environment they are living in at the time of roe harvest as such, our salmon caviar varieties, Hand-Milked and Ocean Grown, are distinctly different in both flavour and texture:

As our Ocean Grown Caviar is matured for longer at sea, the pearls are larger than our freshwater variety. The membrane takes on a more robust favour but softer texture than that of the freshwater variety.  Grown in mountain stream-fed ponds, out freshwater grown caviar are, we believe, the largest in the southern hemisphere. The vibrancy and pearl size provide the perfect burst of flavour.



Hot Smoke Room

This is where all our hot smoked products are portioned, weighed and packaged.

We produce all of our hot smoked salmon pre-rigor meaning that we leave the pin bones in while it is being smoked. This means that the time it takes for the salmon to go from being in the water, to being packaged hot smoked salmon, can be as little as 48 hours.


 The Dispatch Rooms

This is where all of the salmon and ocean trout that we grow across Tasmania are dispatched to wholesalers and customers.

To ensure tractability, every box is scanned to a specific pallet and every pallet is scanned to a truck. This allows us to track the fish that reaches your plate back to the factory.

From the dispatch room, trucks make their way to the Spirit of Tasmania to be shipped, trucked and flown to destinations all over Australia and beyond.