Restaurant of the Month


Raku Dining

Raku dining is located in the heart of Canberra. It combines the precision and artfulness of Japanese culinary history with the vibrant energy of modern Australian Dining.

The 2 hatted head chef Hao Chen learnt his craft at the 4 seasons hotel in Shanghai. He takes his culinary influence from travelling throughout Japan and believes that following well defined systems allows him to recreate his dishes to perfection every time.
Chef Hao loves to bring joy to his diners and strives to create the best possible dishes.
Chef Hao uses Huon Salmon as it gives him the freshest possible ingredient with the reliability and quality he needs for his restaurant and the promise he gives to his customers.

Raku’s dishes that feature Huon Salmon Salmon Nigiri, which is a classic dish that lets the quality of the fish to be the front and center.
Chef Hao wanted to create a bright and fresh salmon tartare, so he used yuzu and miso as the base dressing, not egg yolk, which would mask the flavours of the Huon Salmon. Accompanied by squid ink crackers, which are visually striking and add a delicate textural crunch.

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