Round Nine

Port Sorell Surf Lifesaving Club

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Port Sorell SLSC’s project ‘Market by the Beach- Club BBQ’. Market by the Beach is the club’s biggest fundraising event which runs on Fridays during the summer holiday period. Funds raised from the BBQ allow members to represent the club at interstate competitions, Nipper Skills Camps and Life Saving Development Camps.

Joanne Coates, Port Sorell SLSC Secretary said, “being able to support our younger members achieve competition goals, skill improvements, life saving and aquatic rescue skills keeps them motivated and enthusiastic lifesavers.”

Bruny Island Men’s Shed

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Bruny Island Men’s Shed project ‘Bruny Island Men’s Shed Construction’. The shed is used by local senior men and women who are looking to do woodworking and other projects.

David Boyer, Bruny Island Men’s Shed Secretary said, “older males need an outlet for mental health reasons the these are limited on the island. Members are involved in the construction and repairs for furniture and tools for the community.”

Dover and South Action Group

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Dover and South Action Group’s project ‘Dover Seafest’. Dover Seafest is a one-day community festival held on the Dover foreshore that celebrates the town and the wonderful seafood that the area provides.

Lydia Eastley, Dover and South Action Group Secretary said, “it has been nearly 20-years since an event like this has been held in Dover and the original Seafest is still as source of pride and fond memories for many residents. It is remembered as a day that the community came together and had a great time.

“We are confident that this event can help to reinvigorate the town and bring some vibrancy back to the area.”

Friends of Sarah Island – Wildcare Tasmania

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Friends of Sarah Island project ‘Brushcutters for Sarah Island’. Friends of Sarah Island is a small group of community-minded locals who have formed to help with the maintenance and care of one of Tasmania’s significant heritage sites, which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Kiah Davey, Friends of Sarah Island Chairperson said, “the aim is to keep the areas of the island visited by tourists neat and tidy. This will help preserve the fragile ruins remaining and to reduce the possibility of chance encounters with snakes in summer.”

Sassafrass Fire Brigade

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Sassafras Fire Brigade’s project ‘Thermal Imaging Camera’. Sassafras Fire Brigade is a volunteer brigade that are based in the state’s north.

Tony Perry, Brigade Chief said, “having a thermal imaging camera will allow the brigade to detect problems at incidents which will provide enhanced community protection.”

Plasticwise Taroona

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Plasticwise Taroona’s project ‘Taroona Primary beeswax wrap workshops’. The project aims at cutting down on the amount of plastic used in school lunchboxes by encouraging students to make and use beeswax wrap alternatives.

Sarah Bury, founder of Plasticwise Taroona said, “by promoting the use of beeswax wraps as an alternative to single use disposable plastic food wrappers, we are reducing the amount of plastic ending up in ocean and landfill.”

Huonville High School

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Huonville High School’s 2018 trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Through this trip, the School aims to open their student’s eyes to the world and develop their global perspective.

Stephanie Semmens, Assistant Principal said, “the project also aims to fundraise to build a house in the Mekong Delta. Our students are working proactively to achieve this.

“The project provides a substantial opportunity for students to begin their leadership journey,” concluded Stephanie.

Country Women’s Association King Island – Pegarah Branch

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted CWA King Island’s project ‘Hall rewiring’. The hall was established in 1952 and needs to be completely rewired to make it safer and more functional.

Shirley Stebbins, Club Room Representative and Vice President said, “the Hall is an asset for King Island and provides facilities for functions and meetings supported by the CWA.”

1st Spreyton Scouts

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted 1st Spreyton Scout’s project ‘Replacement Life Jackets’. 1st Spreyton Scouts runs programs for young people aged between 6-17 with the gaol of teaching them to be able to look after themselves and others around them.

Teresa de Boer, Committee Member said, “safety is a major focus in our outdoor activities, new lifejackets will not only help us achieve this focus but will ensure the safety of our members whilst out on the water.

“By providing a water activities program, we hope to instil in our young people a respect for the water and how to use water craft safely and competently,” concluded Teresa.

Melythina Tiakana Warrana Aboriginal Corporation

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Melythina Tiakana Warrana Aboriginal Corporation’s project ‘Manalargenna Day Celebrations’. The Day offered an opportunity for all Tasmanians to travel to the far northeast to experience Aboriginal cultural practices that focuses on engaging with and welcoming people of all aged and backgrounds on our traditional land.

Patsy Cameron, Director of Melythina Tiakana Warrana Aboriginal Corporation said, “the event will commemorate and celebrate the life of an important ancestor who lived on the land where they gather so the wider community of Tasmania understand the significance of Country and how Aboriginal people connect with their heritage.”

MTWAC is a small Aboriginal organisation that relies on contributions from sponsoring businesses such as Huon Aquaculture to offer Mannalargenna Day each year to the Tasmanian public. MTWAC sincerely thanks Huon Aquaculture for supporting this event.

Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee’s  project ‘Children’s Entertainment’. Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee is a volunteer group that aims to provide visible, joyful decorations for the Strahan community in order to help celebrate the festive season.

Natasha Norman, Strahan Christmas Decoration Committee President said, “the Christmas Family night is an event enjoyed by all ages and is a wonderful demonstration of community spirit and a chance for all to connect and appreciate the goof fortune of living in a small town.

Geeveston Primary School Association

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Geeveston Primary School’s project ‘Geeveston Primary School Fair’.

Katie Devenish, Committee Member said, “Geeveston School is establishing a new Spring Fair to celebrate all the wonderful things that Geeveston School achieves and to promote a positive view of the school within the Geeveston School catchment.”

Geeveston Town Hall Co.

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Geeveston Town Hall Co.’s project ‘New Green Jackets and Name badges for Geeveston Green Jackets’. Geeveston Town Hall is home to a group of dedicated volunteers; the Green Jackets who greet visitors and advise them on places to visit in the area and tell them the town’s history.

Sally Doyle, Deputy Chairperson said, “the project is to supply the Green Jacket volunteers with new fleet jackets and name tags to replace the old jackets. A number of the original Green Jacket members have passed away so the group has recently undertaken a recruitment drive to reinvigorate their ranks.

“The Green Jacket volunteers provide a vital information source for visitors and locals.”

Alonnah Hall Committee

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Alonnah Hall Committee’s project ‘Hall Heating’. The Alonnah Hall is a large space with high ceilings, no insulation and walls comprised of single-layer pine cladding. Meaning that the hall is very cold even in spring and summer.

Mathew Fagan, Director said, “the most common feedback received from the community about the hall is that it is too cold. Many local people report to the Hall Committee that they would like to use the hall for large social and community events but they are put off by a lack of heating.”

Pouch Life Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Buzz Naturally Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release’s project ‘POUCH LIFE, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Programs’. Buzz Naturally Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release was founded by a volunteer with over 18-years’ experience rehabilitating Tasmania’s native wildlife.

Honey McClay, Founder and Director said, “we provide comprehensive wildlife rehabilitation education and mentoring programs offered year round throughout Tasmania.

“The aim is to successfully re-release an animal back into the wild that is able to feed, avoid predators and reproduce on its own.”

Rubicon Sea Scouts

Huon’s Helping Hand community grant assisted Rubicon Sea Scout’s project ‘Replacing PDF’s for RSS’. Rubicon Sea Scouts have been providing youth of the district (ages 6-15) with Scouting for over 20 years.

Janet Townsend, Rubicon Sea Scouts Treasurer said, “we are a Sea Scout Group which doesn’t only deliver skills for on water, we also include land based activities such as camping, hiking, bushcraft, citizenship, first aid, pioneering and conservation.

“With guidance from their Section Leaders, the youth members are given every opportunity to develop through experience and are given responsibilities within their age and development.”