Round Twelve

Abbeyfield Huon Valley Inc.
Located in Huonville, the McMullen Abbeyfield House provides vital housing and support for people over the age of 55 in the Huon Valley. To assist with the House’s up-keep and improve their sustainability, Huon are proud to be providing financial assistance to replace outdated electrical fittings with modern power-efficient LED lighting. This innovative upgrade will not only lower the House’s energy consumption, but also safeguard their electrical resources into the future.

Bushy Park Show Society
The Bushy Park Show has been a hallmark event for the rural community for over 145 years. The family-friendly annual event showcases products, businesses, attributes and entertainment from the district, providing a community outlet for networking, celebration and income. Huon are delighted to be supporting this significant event by donating funds to purchase new trestle tables and stackable chairs for the exhibitors and patrons of the Show. The new outdoor furniture will replace an ad-hoc collection of donated worn-out items that vary in weight, size and functionality. As well as being lightweight, ergonomic and user-friendly, the new tables and chairs will also be available for other events and programs run by the community throughout the year.

Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Club Inc.
As the pinnacle community space in the region, the Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Club has held many events over the years. To comply with new building insurance standards, and to ensure the safety of those who use it, the ground’s clubhouse needs a range of electrical improvements. With many ties to this community, Huon was happy to donate $3,000 towards this project to ensure the clubhouse can be enjoyed safely for years to come.

The Huon Domestic Violence Service
The Huon Domestic Violence Service has been supporting people impacted by violence in the Huon Valley for over 20 years. In support of the Service’s holistic framework around early intervention and prevention, Huon are funding the ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ project.  This innovative project will give users of the Service access to vouchers that will offset the cost of local services that focus on health, wellbeing and self-love. Such services include massages, hair cuts and beauty treatments – just to name a few.  The ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ project has already received positive feedback with participants enjoying the opportunity to take time to nurture themselves.

The Huon Valley Concert Band Inc
The Huon Valley Concert Band is a non-profit local community group that has two active ensembles; the Concert Band and the Swing Band. Both ensembles perform several concerts during the year, often supporting local events. For those of you clever enough to read sheet music, you will know how vital sturdy music stands are, as well as the importance of adequate lighting to read said music! With this in mind, Huon were happy to donate $3,000 to the Concert Band to purchase new music stands and stand lights.  The new sturdy stands will replace old, broken and flimsy stands, ensuring the Band can rehearse and perform without fear of stand collapses and disturbances.

Live Well Tasmania
Live Well Tasmania (LWT) is a community organisation who focus on providing holistic health and wellbeing support to disadvantaged youths living on the North West Coast of Tasmania. LWT are in the process of renovating their Wynyard-based community centre into a vibrant public space suitable for their diverse range of programs and events.  Huon is proud to support this development by providing funds towards the community centre’s new heating system. With a modern, power-efficient heat-pump, the centre will be able to operate 365 days a year, rain, hail or shine!

Meals on Wheels Association of Tasmania
Meals on Wheels Tasmania (MOW Tas) has been helping Tasmanians to live independently in their homes by delivering nutritious meals for over 60 years. To ensure the safety of all MOW Tas staff, volunteers and clients, Huon proudly donated funds to purchase new high-visibility vests for their fleet of vehicles and their 30 branches across Tasmania.  The new vests have created a safer workplace environment for all MOW Tas staff and volunteers, as well as a proactive approach to the safe and effective delivery of services to all their clients.

New Norfolk High School
Huon is thrilled to be supporting New Norfolk High School to launch their first Sustainability Program. The eco-friendly program aims to educate and empower their students to learn and enact sustainable practices through hands-on recycling and composting at the school.  Starting in 2020, the school will introduce recycling bins and invite the students to create personalised designs for them, with the aim of promoting a positive, invested attitude towards recycling. Simultaneously, a composting system will be implemented, creating a closed-loop waste reduction cycle, with food waste from the school’s cooking classes being turned into nutrient-rich compost for their Kitchen Garden Program.  This Program is part of the school’s vision of building student capacities for thinking and acting in ways that are necessary to create a more sustainable future for all Tasmanians.

St Marys Community Space Association Inc.
The St Marys Community Space Association Inc. has a vision to create a multi-functional community space for the people of the Break O’Day municipality. To help make this vision a reality, Huon donated funds to purchase and install a basket swing for the outdoor recreational part of the space. The addition of the basket swing has ensured the space will be more inclusive for children of all ages and mobility, and their families.  The Association aims to have the St Marys Community Space completed in the next two years, pending the availability of funding. They envisage the Community Space to be a safe, welcoming place for the whole community, including those who are marginalised and isolated, as well as those with physical and mental disabilities. The Community Space is seen as important initiative towards the community’s mission to break down stigmas of difference and minimalize the social isolation associated with rural communities.

Young Men’s Christian Association of Launceston Inc.
The YMCA of Launceston’s purpose is to provide quality programs and services for the community, with a focus on inspiring and empowering young people to be active and healthy members of their community.  Huon was proud to support the Association’s capacity to provide safe and suitable cooking equipment by providing funds to purchase a new free-standing stove for their community centre. With a new oven, the YMCA’s young participants will learn to cook health after school snacks and budget meals, valuable skills they can carry with them into adulthood.

Franklin History Group Inc.
As proud members of the Huon Valley community, Huon Aquaculture was thrilled to sponsor the inauguration of the Franklin History Walk. Held on 10 June 2019, the event commemorated the official opening of the History Walk; a series of wooden-mounted plaques along the streetscape of downtown Franklin.  The event also acknowledged the work put in by the Franklin History Group to erect the plaques; the guideposts that outline the rich history of the heritage buildings of Franklin. The event also launched the publication of Franklin on the Water, a book by Franklin History Group President, Alan Cato.

St Helens Neighbourhood House – THRIVE Mentoring Program
Based at the St Helens Neighbourhood House, the Thrive Mentoring Program aims to increase engagement in schools to improve pathways to employment, as well as the overall health and wellbeing of students in the area.  Huon is proud to be supporting the THIVE Mentoring Program by providing fresh and nutritious salmon products for their cooking program. The mentees involved in the cooking program will learn how to plan and prepare budget-friendly meals, equipping them valuable cooking skills and a catalogue of nutritious meals they can carry with them into adulthood.

St Helens Netball Association
Sporting clubs are the lifeblood of our regional communities, which is why Huon was proud to sponsor the St Helens Netball Club’s Fundraising Ball on Saturday, 29 June 2019. The all ages event is the Club’s major annual event, bringing together the whole community to raise much-needed funds for the Club and its members.  Fundraisers, such as the St Helens Netball Club Fundraising Ball, allows the Club to keep registration costs low for members and their families, ensuring everyone can access the sport, regardless of their background.