Net Cleaning Maintenance

Net cleaning equipment has evolved substantially over the years and we now have in-situ units designed for our conditions and pens. As it is highly specialised equipment (and in most cases, equipment that has been designed specifically for Huon) we need a maintenance team who are able to quickly fix any issues that may arise.

The Net Cleaning Maintenance team consists of Electricians (240V and Automotive) and Mechanics.

The team looks after the net cleaning units, generators to run the pumps, low pressure and high pressure pump systems, electrical and mechanical pumps, low voltage electrical controls, high voltage motors and associated parts such as thruster or bottle maintenance and also complete all the maintenance for the vessels.

The team also undertake research and development to tweak the net cleaners to make them more efficient, to have less downtime for maintenance, and to complete specific tasks such as cleaning collars or net cleaning under collars.