Youth Week: Case Studies

Youth Week might be cancelled this year, but we still wanted to take the opportunity to profile some of our amazing young people working at Huon.

Each year, driven young people enter the Aquaculture industry through education and training pathways.

Meet some of those people and their stories:

Isaac Duggan, Farm Attendant – Channel Zone

Meet Isaac Duggan, he works for Huon as a Farm Attendant in the Channel Zone.

Earlybird gets the worm: Isaac on the job in the Channel at sunrise.

Isaac started his journey into the aquaculture industry in year 10 when he decided to undertake a Cert I in Aquaculture at the Trade Training Centre in Huonville.

“I decided to take the class because I’d heard that others doing it really liked it,” Isaac said.

Luckily for Isaac, he liked it too, so much so that he decided to continue his studies into the industry by undertaking a Cert II in Aquaculture the following year.

“At the end of year 11 my Aquaculture teacher encouraged me to apply for an Australian School-based Apprenticeship (ASBA),” Isaac said.

“I had already completed a work placement with Huon earlier in the year but completed another placement as part of the selection process for the ASBA.”

After the selection placement, Isaac was interviewed by Huon’s Channel Zone Manager, Adam (Chucky) Norris, before being offered a position working as a Farm Attendant in the Channel Zone

“The ASBA ran for two years, so the first year I completed while still in year 12, working every Monday and school holidays, and the second year I completed in the workplace,” Isaac said.

Isaac said the thing he enjoyed most about his apprenticeship was meeting the people working at Huon.

“I really enjoy working with a whole bunch of different people and learning from each of them,” Isaac said.

“The biggest surprise was how busy the job is and how much overtime is available. It meant I was able to work throughout my school holidays and let go of my part-time job. I also found it easier to balance work and study with just the one job.”

We asked Isaac what a day as a Farm Attendant in the Channel Zone entails.

“Lately we have been changing nets, installing top rails, installing lift-ups and general rigging to make pens secure,” he said.

Reflecting on his role, Isaac said he is really enjoying being out on the water and learning about all the different aspects of marine operations at Huon.

“There are so many different jobs available in Aquaculture. I may be interested in looking into diving one day,” Isaac said.

“If you are a student interested in Aquaculture, my advice to you would be to give it a go. You may really like it.”

Maddy McBride, Feed Trials Assistant – Hideaway Bay 

As a employer in rural Tasmania, we work hard to create multiple avenues into our business through which people of all backgrounds can navigate. One of these pathways is Student Placements. The ultimate aim of our placements is to find, train and employ the future leaders and workers of our industry.

Winners are grinners: Maddy on the job in Hideaway Bay

We’re very pleased to have Maddy McBride on-board who is working as a Feed Trials Assistant at Hideaway Bay. While in her final year of studying a Bachelor of Science in South Australia, Maddy was fortune enough to apply and be accepted into our industry placement program.

“I spent most of my placement at Forest Home and Lonnavale hatcheries and I was lucky enough to be involved with almost the entire process from eggs to smolt transfer,” Maddy said.

“I also got to spend a few days on the water at Hideaway Bay to see the marine operations and was blown away by the size of it, with so many different teams supporting each other in their respective roles. It gave me a whole new perspective on how this industry operates.”

“Placement not only opened my eyes to the work that goes on in the industry but allowed me to explore this beautiful state. At the end of the placement, I was asked whether I’d be interested in a role with Huon, I said yes and never looked back.”

Maddy is now working on our Feed Trials team who operate out of Hideaway Bay.

“We carry out Summer and Winter trials using diets provided by local feed producers. This is a great advantage to have, as we are able to see real time results in growth and feed conversion and are able to work closely with the feed companies to improve aspects of their diets,” Maddy said.

“We essentially run a small-scale farming operation. This involves upkeep of our feeding and pellet detection equipment, maintenance and cleaning of the pens and collecting feed and growth data to relay to the stakeholders.”