Moist-heat cooking methods


  1. Gently heating salmon using steam helps to retain its moisture and natural flavour.
  2. Produces a moist and firm flesh.
  3. A healthy low fat cooking method.


  • Fresh whole HOG
  • Salmon fillet steaks or cutlets

You’ll need?

  • Depending on the size and quantity to be steamed… bamboo steaming basket
  • fish kettle
  • steam oven
  • domestic oven and foil or a covered dish

  • Instead of steaming over plain water, try using a concentrated stock flavoured with vegetables, herbs or citrus for a delicious flavour variation. Try lightly seasoning with some of the complementary herbs, condiments, juice, wines or oils suggested in the previous section.
  • Wrapping the salmon before it’s steamed can help add flavour, shape, control portions, keep the flesh together more easily and retain moisture.

How Hot?

  • Water boils and creates steam at 100°C. Set the oven temperature just hot enough to maintain the steam.

How Long?

  • Fillets: Depending on how thick the flesh is and the wrapping used (if any), allow around 3 to 8 minutes to steam.
  • Whole HOG 3.5–4.5 kilo: Approx 30 minutes


Over liquid in a wok or steamer

  • Place the prepared salmon in a single layer on a rack or on a perforated steamer over the boiling water.

Using a conventional oven

  • Wrap prepared salmon tightly using foil or natural alternatives such as banana leaves or paperbark and cook over water in a preheated oven.
  • Alternatively, place salmon on a rack in a baking dish with a small amount of liquid and cover tightly with a lid.

Using a steam oven

  • Place prepared salmon in a perforated pan and cook on steam setting.

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