From humble beginnings

Starting as a family business in 1986, Huon has grown to become the industry leaders in sustainable aquaculture.

Our Past

Our story begins in the picturesque waters of Hideaway Bay, as a local fish farming business in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. With a strong sense of community, passion and care for quality, the business grew their farm from just one pen of fish in 1986 into one of Australia’s leading aquaculture businesses. After proudly growing the company for more than 35 years, Huon is now part of JBS Foods, as of 2021.

Our Present

Today, Huon Aquaculture is oceans ahead. Our superior Atlantic salmon is sold around Australia and internationally. We employ over 1000 passionate experts across multiple farms, nurseries and processing sites in Tasmania and mainland Australia. And we remain at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and fish welfare.

Our Future

As responsible leaders and custodians of our environment, we see a bright future for our people and our planet. With a strong commitment to sustainability and constant innovation, our vision is to continue feeding the world sustainably with superior seafood produced with meticulous care, for many generations to come.