About Us

From Humble Beginnings

Tasmanian salmon has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and flavour in international markets, but Huon products are always oceans ahead.

From Premium Broodstock

Our salmon journey start in our sustainable hatcheries, where eggs are harvested by hand from our premium broodstock and nurtured into healthy young fish.

Land Based Nurseries

When young salmon reach the right size, they’re gently transferred to our nurseries where they continue growing. Huon salmon spend more time growing in our land-based nurseries minimising time at sea, generating an overall better sustainability and animal welfare outcome.

Award - Winning Fortress Pens

Once they’re ready, our salmon take a ride in our wellboats to the marine environment in our Huon designed, world leading fortress pens. These pens have some of the lowest stocking densities in the world. Designed to protect our fish, our people and marine life, with a ratio of only 1% fish to 99% water, our award-winning Fortress Pens give salmon plenty of room to school freely as they would in the wild.

Innovative Feeding System

To keep our salmon happy and our oceans healthy, we developed a highly innovative AI feeding system that ensures our salmon are fed to appetite whilst minimising feed waste. Our team of passionate experts constantly monitor conditions to ensure our fish are well nourished and that we always do our part for sustainability.

Harvesting at Night

Our research has shown that harvesting at night brings out the optimum quality in our product. We harvest our fish at night with meticulous care to bring you fresh, superior tasting salmon. The high levels of animal welfare standards we place on ourselves illustrate how Huon is committed to humanely harvesting our fish.

Processing Precision

Finally, our highly skilled teams process our beautiful salmon with the utmost care and precision. Whether it’s a fresh slice of premium Atlantic salmon, deliciously hot smoked salmon, or our luxurious salmon caviar, once you’ve tasted Huon salmon, you’ll know it’s oceans ahead.