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Discover our premium tasting salmon that inspires excellence in the world’s greatest kitchens.

Salmon Superfood

With its beautifully rich, naturally buttery texture and exquisitely tender flesh, the taste of Huon salmon transcends ordinary expectations. Available in various forms including whole fish, fillets, and portions with the option of skin on or skin off, our premium fresh Huon salmon caters to every culinary preference. Not only does Huon salmon delight the palate, it also serves as an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, ensuring both indulgence and nutritional benefits with every bite.

Tasmanian Salmon Steak

Our fresh Tasmanian Salmon Steak is meticulously selected from the loin, ensuring uniform thickness for flawless cooking every time. This cut not only guarantees even cooking throughout but also preserves the succulence and flavour of the salmon. Huon is committed to sustainability, our salmon are raised responsibly in harmony with nature. From sea to plate, every aspect of the process reflects our dedication to quality and caring for our environment.

Tasmanian Wood Roasted Huon Salmon

Our Huon Salmon is slow smoked in kilns for up to seven hours to draw out the natural oils of the salmon, fired with sustainably sourced Australian Red Gum wood chips. We use denser wood, which means it smokes longer and slower. Perfect for ensuring our salmon fillets are thoroughly infused and you can taste the superior smoky flavour. Huon Ready-to-eat Wood Roasted Salmon is versatile and the perfect addition to breakfast dishes, salads, pastas, appetizers or enjoyed straight from the pack on a beautiful platter.

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Gourmet Pate

Perfect for dipping and spreading, our Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Pate is handcrafted with almost 50% wood roasted salmon, and hints of lemon and capers, sure to leave you wanting more.

Tasmanian Salmon Caviar

Our Salmon Caviar is a testament to our meticulous care and passionate expertise, resulting in a quality product that elevates any dining experience. The unique Tasmanian wilderness provides the perfect environment for our salmon to thrive under optimal conditions, allowing them to gracefully mature and develop a caviar of unparalleled quality.